Gm_Apartment - A Single-Player Survival Horror Campaign for GMod

Hello one and all!

What we have here, is a small project I like to call Gm_Apartment. Remember those by-gone days of survival horror games, with their charming puzzles and characters that controlled like m1 Abrams tanks? Yeah me too! It sucks that there are literally none around these days, some of my best memories were from playing the Silent Hill games at 1 o’clock in the morning back when I was 12. Ahhh, childhood scarring. But I digress.

Gm_Apartment is a small single player map that re-creates the gameplay of those old Survival Horror titles. Explore an old deserted apartment building and discover what stories the previous residents left behind! Pick up items! Use them! Solve puzzles! The fun will literally never end!


Quick look at the map (video):


Download Links:




Patch 1


-Inside of the addons folder, there is a folder called new surfaceproperties. Read the readme in it. The new surfacepropertieswill make it so that textures with the ‘carpet’ surfaceproperties will have new footsteps sounds. If you got annoyed like I was that carpets sound like dirt when you stepped on them, this map will fix it for you. It is completely optional.

-Episode 2 is required.

-Oh and uh… you can use the typewriter on the second floor. It’s not terribly obvious.

Who are these fine men working on this project?

Mr. Sunabouzu (Reason134): Handles the map, all the art assets, and planning.

Unrealomega: Coder. I’m pretty sure he just rolls his face up and down the keyboard, and sometimes computers understand what it means.

Phanterm: He tells me to change dumb ideas I have and really this entire thing would be a mess without his input. He will also beat you up in any fighting game ever.

Thanks to all my playtesters and the lovely people from Gangsta Gang Gaming for various grunt work!

Special thanks to beautiful people Sam and MacDGuy who decided to fix some shit! I didn’t even ask! That’s how nice they are.

Oh yeah and as usual: You are allowed to reuse any content in this for your own projects. Go ahead, just please credit us somewhere if you do.

Fucking yes.

Sweet been waiting for this. Gonna play it right now.

Although I’m too much of a wuss to actually play it, it will be amazing for posing purposes. Thanks.

I got into room 104 and quit to my desktop.

Finished it! It was pretty damn scary. Silent hill style ambience that kept me sunken into my chair.
Trippy ending as well, but i do have one complaint.

That typewriter puzzle was shit. There was no hint that it would ever be usefull. I think having a photograph of the area the answer is in (Without the Blue light) would help that alot.

Anyway, GREAT map. Absolutely astounding.

I’m going to just spoil this one because i’m getting a lot of nasty letters already:

The answer to the typewriter puzzle is in room 101

Now please stop threatening to hurt my kitty. Professor Marshmellow has nothing to do with this.

There’s also some Easter Eggs with the typewriter. Fuck if I know what they are.

Also, you’re lucky I got lazy and didn’t finish the Slide Puzzle.

You’re welcome. :suicide:

EDIT: We’re going to re-release the map with some slight altering(Mostly to fix some tiny bugs) when we upload to You won’t notice any real differences in design, so it won’t require a second playthrough.


We fixed some shit. Because someone said we would.



-Typewriter has been redesigned so that it should be much clearer on what the player needs to do.

-Some minor behind the scenes changes, mostly involving how triggers and the loading doors interact. is still on the fritz but I will try to upload it there soon. Peace y’all i’m going to bed now.

Well, i dont see maps like these by a loong time…
Loved it, played it without checking Facepunch for hints (Only used the internet to [sp]Check the dates of the persons in the pictures[/sp] the history is very awesome, in the end [sp]Where the guy tells the story about the persons on his left and right[/sp] i have done my best to dont cry, and i havent, but its wonderful.
Also, i laughed at the [sp]My Little Pony[/sp] loadscreen easter-egg.

Sure its a great map, i recommend everyone to try this!!!

This is interesting.

played through the map, just wow. its very rare we get gmod adventure maps like this.

Wow, this was excellent. Good to see that you refrained from blatant ‘fuck you ima popup in yo face and scream’ tactics.
The only down side is the [sp] large text bit at the end. while it served the purpous of tying things up, the average user who finds this map on isn’t going to stick around to read it.[/sp]

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also, do you think you could re-release this so us posers could use this?

The map and all the code is free to use. I: Just make sure to give credit is all we ask for.

no no no, posing, like gmod and ragdolls

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Never mind, I just deleted the lua file, problem solved

.org mirror is live

I can’t get past the tutorial because the generator and crank are errors.

You need episode 2 to play.

You should put that in the description, unless you already have and i’m just blind.


Okay, I was shit scared from the beginning.
The atmosphere is very similar to Silent Hill 2 and that’s why it’s very creepy.