This is a fixed and modified version of Trase’s “Apartment138” map.
I removed the skybox, but made three custom window backgrounds (Greenscreen, skybox sky, blackness) that you can swtich between in the closet.
Cubemaps, HDR and all that stuff is working properly.
Don’t be afraid to post comments about bugs and have fun!






Download link

Original map

Oh yeah, if you have a problem with white prop then enter into the console buildcubemaps

Way to rate yourself moron, did you de-compile the original and edit it?

If so, get out.

I bet you didn’t even get permission to edit it. To avoid more comments like this, you must tell if you did get permission.
:frog:for now.

I like how the OP posted don’t be afraid to post comments, he obviously hasn’t visited the mapping section before :v:

I asked permission, as the author of the last card is my friend - and first I asked him.

And yes - it’s completely built from scratch map - but based on the old one, if some of the things that I put in the same way that was similar to the old map

Not sure if de-compiled or not, even though you say it’s built from scratch, they’re incredibly alike.

No - he did everything! Can you ask him if necessary

That didn’t make any sense, so he did everything, you de-compiled and then changed it, or he made the map and you’re releasing it?

Well you are an idiot … Write to him - he will confirm what I was doing everything myself, because when I did we talked to skype

This was just what I was looking for, thanks!

The images look touched up, like some sort of after effect has been used to make it look better than they should.

Also, if you are going to make a remake of a map, at least make it different enough to make it worth it.

Yes, I increased the contrast and brightness
I wanted to make 2 types of maps of the night and day - but need a skybox for the day that I did not like was unable to adjust

Don’t touch up images. It makes it look as though you are hiding something.

Why are you calling me an idiot, it’s not my fault I can’t understand you, same way it’s not your fault you’re not particularly good at English

You mean you aren’t telepathic?

Oh fuck, dur why didn’t I just use my 1337 mind reading skills :doh:

because you got so that someone did this - I have done, but with English I had really bad - I’m Russian

You don’t say :v: