GM_Apartments_v2 - The started but never finished project.

Hello, I don’t really do mapping anymore but a while ago (in 2015) I started working on GM_Apartments_V2 (Successor to GM_Apartments).

For those who don’t know: GM_Apartments was:

A community project where everybody who wanted could basically reserve a room number and create their own styled room to be then added to one map.

This was the result:

Yes it was quite a failure, all because of my own mistakes.

  1. I mis-calculated Source Engine limits at the time.
  2. I mis-calculated possible custom content size.
  3. I Failed to manage rooms properly.
  4. I failed to optimize map.

So in the end we ended up having about 80% finished map.

Anyway, 5 years later I started working on new map from scratch, GM_Apartments_V2 but due to going into adult life - I had to forfeit and abandon the idea, I’ve had these files for years so now I decided to release/share them.
I would really love if somebody who’s into mapping currently would pick it up and get it going, hell I would even commit to creating one room too as a participant.

Here is video of my last work in 2015:


(Don’t mind the cubemaps, they were placed randomly a while ago just for testing purposes), the door rotations need to be fixed.

This time - every room has an empty room created for easier management.
Every room can create balcony too.
This time also - there is roof access.

The zip contains:

vmf file,
materials (for models and brushes),
smd and QC files for compiling.

Feel free to replace/re-texture and recompile models and materials any way you wish, you can contact me if you need any help with any compiling or so.

Some hammer editor screenshots:[/T]



P.S - Every room can be probably resized at the cost of building aesthetics (up to you).

P.P.S - Room sizes currently are: 512x256x336 (LxWxH), I am sure width can be sized to 512.

The bouncy jackass techno in the first video really ties everything together.