GM_Apehouse Winter

Remember that old CSS map that was used in absolutely every single GMod Machinima in the history of everything ever?

A while back I had done up this alternate version for a friend’s video. Now I’ve fixed it up and re-released it to the GMod Workshop.
It’s not perfect optimization-wise, and there are visible errors with the lightmaps (stems from having every interior light toggleable), but it should hopefully be some decent eye-candy.

-Map has been extended to roughly 9x the area of the original
-3 versions of the map with different moods; day, sunset, and night
-An enterable, mirrored version of the house placed directly across the street (With a richer colour scheme and furniture)
-All lights in both homes are togglable with light switches, including the fireplace in the first house
-All of the furniture in the homes is now movable, including bookshelves and beds
-Large and highly detailed 3d skybox has been added that almost seamlessly blends into the map
-Snow effect has been added with a one-way switch under the stairs in the basement for disabling it
-Fixed the bug where you would get your head stuck when you walk up the stairs
-An openable garage beside the second house
-Many high-res cubemaps for accurate reflections in most areas of the map
-Full HDR

-Garry’s Mod Version-
-Source Filmmaker Version- (233 MB, includes everything. Read the quick notes to get it functioning correctly.)

Some screens:

More screens:[/thumb][thumb][/thumb]

Let me know if you guys think it’s good enough, I get really paranoid sharing my work…

I think that for the most part it looks great! I like the purple tinged sky that you got going on there.

Also, not map related but, you might want to remove the “xP” stuff you got, makes your presentation of the map look much better.

Looks nice, eventho some displasements could use more work

This is amazing work.

Awesome map! But :frowning: Will be no snow version or I red wrong?

Looks really good. You should have some snow blend textures for the ground, though. The way the displacements contrast with the roads etc. is ugly.

Just thought you should know that since neither of the addons are visible on the workshop page, some guy went, merged both of them together, and uploaded it for you. Badly. ‘Badly’ as in ‘a ton of textures are missing and there’s a big error model burning in the fireplace’.

Also, I tried to download the real addons, but as soon as the progress bar hits 100%, it instantly crashes Garry’s Mod and Steam, without keeping the addon. No crash log, no dialog box, just an instant crash. Both addons do it, no matter what order I download them in or whether or not I add both or just one. Are other people getting this problem, or is it just me? It’s only happening with these addons, nothing else. Maybe it’s because they’re set to private, I don’t know.

Is there any chance of a non-winter version existing in the future?

Thanks for spotting that, I left a message. He actually uploaded the old version I had on from months back which is now broken.

Also it might just be acting buggy for some reason with the official download, I had asked afew of my friends to test it before I made it public and it worked perfectly fine for them.
If you really want to try it out, pm me and I could just send you the .gma files myself if the Workshop keeps acting up.

I don’t know why it’s acting buggy, but it’s happening consistently every single time I try, and I’ve never had this happen with any addon except these two. The only difference I can think of is that they’re set to hidden, is there any particular reason you don’t want them on the main page?

Could you possibly upload this somewhere other than then Workshop aswell?

Would be great if I could use these maps in SFM.

Man I loved that map so much… this looks even better. Good work.

I’m going to upload them somewhere soon, I just have to make sure that they work correctly in SFM first. (It’s a little difficult to test when stupid SFM keeps crashing on launch even though I’ve reinstalled it twice…) xP

I can help with that? :v:

Managed to fix SFM and test it myself. First post is updated with the SFM version now and it includes all dependancies. :stuck_out_tongue:


there was a problem as I save the document it says “Document was not saved because there was an error writing the file”

can someone help me?


How did you get those awesome street reflections? stick water under the road?

(where did you get the snow textures for the episode 2 pines? can I have them?)

The reflections are cubemaps, I was just standing in the proper spot when I took the pictures.

Also, everything is included in the SFM version zip. Use whatever you like out of it, you have my full permission. ^^
I’m not some selfish HURRDEEDURR COPYRIGHTS GRRR person.

It’d be cool if eventually there was a non-snow version of this map, like the original, except with all the extended bells and whistles that this one has.