Just finished the first public build of my edit for gm_apehouse_winter. So far i only have a day version, but a night version is in the works. Any feedback on any issues i missed in the map is extremely helpful.[/thumb][thumb][/thumb]

Thanks to Rush_Freak for the VMFs. You really did a good job on the original!

Skybox textures belongs to Firegod522. If you haven’t checked out his skyboxes, you should, cuz they’re really awesome.

I like it, but it’s very flat…

Does it still have a bunch of brush-based furniture? That was one thing I always hated about the original.

Well, if you’re basing that off of gm_apehouse_winter, I only changed any seasonal related things, so the props and furniture and all that are still in the houses. I don’t think there was a lot though, or if there was, it didn’t seem to look bad anyways.

Me and my friend tried to get the skybox neighbourhood/city texture fixed but we really cannot do it , Rush makes his maps too fuckin good . Ya know , if possible you could cut out all the buildinging parts (aka blocks) and just use the road texture ? Anythign else can be filled in by a good scenebuild. Anything that has snow on it you could cut out and it should technically work with this setup

you should use some better assets, like from l4d2 or csgo

Especially for the furniture. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine, I hate it when maps use brushes for furniture instead of actual props, it just never looks right.

In response to the last two comments, perhaps eventually. I mainly just worked at getting rid of the winter stuff for now, at least. Gotta prioritize the night version first before I start messing with furniture and stuff.

On a side note , might wanna check out all the bookshelfs , one of them is kinda fucked up for some reason

Ah, crap, I thought I fixed all of them. I’ll check over them again. You got a screenshot of which one it is?

EDIT: Found all of the bookcases and fixed that in an update, as well as expanding a driveway in one of the backyards

Instead of making a new thread, it’s probably better to post this here. The night version is released and on Workshop right now. Let me know if there’s any errors on this, as well as on the day version. Hope you all enjoy this.[/thumb][thumb][/thumb]

The night skybox is sort of strange to be honest. I would suggest removing the galaxies/ dust clouds since it would be impossible to see those stellar features with the naked eye. Especially with the amount of light pollution of the suburb and the neighboring city.

This is supposed to be on earth, correct?

To finish it off, like the original winter version, here’s a sunset version as well:[/thumb][thumb][/thumb]