i thought about making a portal 2 themed sandbox map but i wasnt sure if there was any interest for a public release for this sort of thing
its still far from done, which is funny because i thought id have finished this by oct 10th

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only thing stopping me from releasing a public beta for the moment is how poorly optimized the map is, for the moment i shamefully used hammers fast compile on vvis (im terrible at grasping the concept of visleaf optimizations no matter how many times ive read on it ugh)

From what I can tell it looks really good and I know that there’s alot of people which would be interested in a map like this.

Oh, all my yes.

If you can try using actual areas from the campaign for it. Also a standalone map using the 70s aperture base would be neat.

unfortunately its going to be a relatively small (but vast) map with how much entities like models amongst other things are being put into the map

only “campaign” area will be glados’ chamber, which is “configurable” for posing in a manner of speaking
once ive fully polished the map and optimized, i may consider adding a few bit more extra areas but for the moment there will only be 2 short and easy test chambers, 1 of which is just a build course

Add a test area door which leads to a big map what is blank and then they can actually use that for sandbox.

Shame. I might try the 70s area myself, just for kicks.
Cannot wait for source 2 so we can have all the maps linked in one :v

you mean a large build zone? im definitely considering adding that in
itll be open to the large underground “box” surrounding aperture so you can fly out around it

This is a pretty awesome idea. It’ll be great for Portal-themed screenshots and Machinima as well.