Hey. Another fail map by me.

It MIGHT get some downloads, so it can’t hurt to upload it.

Download Link:

:slick: With this release/version: :slick:
[li]A room that you spawn in. Has a ramp. Nothing Special.[/li][li]Under the ramp, there’s this little epic-looking orange area. Like in ‘Portal’[/li][li]A small building area just outside of the spawning room. For projects that require more light than what the outside can supply.[/li][li]A large pretty outside. The shading isn’t perfect. Though the lighting seemed to do itself. I am baffled.[/li][li]A pretty orange skybox with a dark orange light_env to go along with it.[/li][/ul]

:slick: Soon to come with Version 2: :slick:
[li]A metal industrial room like you see in ‘Portal’. Like the interior of what Aperture Science is really like on the inside.[/li][li]A lake to go with the outside.[/li][li]Multiple observation rooms like you see in each test chamber in ‘Portal’. Each linked by their own hallway.[/li][li]Stairs, or a ladder leading to the rooftop. Not very high on my priority list.[/li][li]Better lighting.[/li][li]More decorations[/li][li]MAYBE vegetation outside. I’ll consider it.[/li][/ul]

Tell me what you think! This is my second successful, and possibly my first good-looking map. Give me feedback to help me improve. If this thread needs moving, warn me please.

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It is not very portal like…

It’ll be way better by the time Version 2 gets around.

Well, I don’t think there is much to judge. It is just a big room with a ramp. Nothing special. At least you put lighting in! Make it a bit smaller and add more detail and stuff. Use decals and stuff.

Go here for some great tutorials:

Thank you very much. I will look into that as soon as I can.

I’m afraid its not going to be what you hoped it to be.

It’s not good looking at all because we have light inside, but there are no fixtures that emit the light.
You used a total of 5 textures? with such a big square building it looks repetitive and totally unattractive.

We’ve seen hundreds of maps coming through here, looking like that.
You have to be special, your map has to be special to stand out.
Do something with the ramp like you said, before releasing it.

How much time did you spend on this map?

About … A day? I originally planned to make an aperture-looking map for me and my friend Ian to use. I decided to post it. I’m relatively new to hammer. Though, I’m not a total noob, there is much room for improvement.

I’d like to see a mappers interpretation of the surface/entrance of Aperture Science/The Enrichment Center. You know, like take that parking lot and build off it. It’d be sort of steering away from a construct map, but I’d be impressed if you/someone else tried that.

Also, all the test chambers have that weird edge on the floor/ceiling that casts light. You should try adding that in version 2 as well.

I will definitely look into it.

Watch Mine, Firegod’s, Zally13’s and Bull04’s tutorials.

Add and incinerator please (the thing that burns the cubes) not sure why it would be useful but it makes it more Aperture like.

Maps should take at least a week. You have created a room with an outside, and nothing more. It looks ugly, and boring. We do not need boring build maps anymore, those went out with flatgrass maps about the time of gmod 7a.

Fixed that for you.

Actually no…small maps should take at least a week. Even a few more days of detail mapping would have helped this hugely.