gm_aperture_science_lab - WIP

Hello facepunch. This is my latest map that I’ve recently started working on… so before any of you complain, there is literally the whole map to make yet.

I know that my maps are not great, I understand that I am not a great mapper, but all I can do is try, improve my skills and try again, that is how you get to be brilliant… lots of hard work and the ability to accept criticism!

If anyone does troll this map and not say anything remotely useful I will completely ignore your post.

To the map… I thought I’d create a lab based on portal, hl2 and a couple of custom textures and props. It’s not supposed to look like a portal map, it just uses portal textures. The whole point of the map is to improve my brushwork, my knowledge of entities and most importantly my lighting.

The map when complete will have a central building (on which I’ve started work) and then some roads and maybe a park around it. Inside the building there will be several rooms, each of which have a different experiment in it. I haven’t decided what they are but some of my ideas include: A sound studio, some sort of flame / burning room and maybe a physics room with lots of moving elements to play with.

I’ve already created a storage room (shown in the pictures below) and a meeting room with a brush built table and office chairs around. The windows joining the meeting room and the one next to it can be covered with a shutter at the press of a button. There is also a death room, this room is the remenants of an anti-aperture employee, with drawings and burn marks on the walls, floor and ceiling. And your trusty companion cube… quite literally in the spotlight. The first person to enter the room will recieve fatal damage (if godmode and buddha mode are off) after a short commentary from our kind friend GlaDOS.

The main entrance door also has sound effects, upon entry you will hear “Hello” from the turret sound effect, and upon exit GlaDOS again lets you know some useful information before the door opens.

Please only CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and suggestions. Mainly for rooms, for improving brushwork, and improving lighting, of course I’m happy to take any other advice or suggestions!

Here are are some screens… click on them for a full size image!


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You’re using light bulbs for the lights?

Seriously, those kind of lights just don’t fit with Aperture Science laboratories.

Bare in mind that that room is the death room, it’s meant to be dark and those bulbs flicker. I thought that in the darkish environment of that room, old fashioned bulbs would help set the scene!

I haven’t put in any proper lighting or lighting props in any other parts yet either… but thanks for the comment anyway.

You didn’t know thomas edison worked for aperture?

It looks like a warehouse shaped like a castle

Light bulbs doesn’t flicker.

Make a sequel called gm_we_do_what_we_must_because_we_can :v:

You know, if you use portal 2, or at least grab the models for it, there is a model version of the apature logo…saves you from using a bollocks brush based sign.

  • Misaligned textures
  • Seemingly random decal placement
  • Large letters made with hammer rather then a model editor / proper
  • Lacking any feel of the real aperture science
  • No real bounds. You can touch the skybox.

If this is a very early map of yours, then it’s not too bad. But if you intend to release anything, I suggest waiting until you can make something that can match the quality of HL2’s levels.

Don’t quit, follow your dream and listen to the criticism people give you. Believe me, in the long run peoples opinions can help your maps a lot!

Yeah…bad map.

It doesn’t look anything like an aperture laboratory would, you have so many misaligned textures, cake propaganda in test chamber like rooms, you are using a brush based door with a model of a door handle on it from what I can see. You have windows to the outside world, the aperture laboratories aren’t like this, 1 being the fact that they are underground. The large “Aperture” letters on the roof are just an eyesore as well.

Yes, it doesn’t look very Aperture Laboratories-like. The big sign outside would have a logo to go with it and as mentioned, there’s one of those included with the Portal 2 models.
The room shown is too dark, and the textures don’t fit- especially outside. I think that Aperture would go for a brighter theme than that.

Bare in mind this is literally a few hours work on the map, its not going to be released for a long time, this is designed to improve my skills.

*Textures aren’t even the ones I might use
*Decals were put there waiting to be put somewhere where they might actually look useful.
*I will get to work on that
*It’s not meant to feel like aperture, it’s named that due to the portal textures and models, and the fact that it will be a lab!
*The OP makes it clear that I’m still actually making it, it’s months away from a finished product, and that around the central building there will be a few roads and a park, I haven’t even bothered changing the skybox yet!

It’s work in progress remember, and only my 5th proper map, this will be the best one I’ve made yet when its finished.

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Crappy wiring?

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Not meant to look like an aperture lab, it get’s its name from the portal textures and the fact that its a lab! Textures I’ve already mentioned, I will get rid of and redo the sign on the roof, and the door is actually a real rotating prop door, it’s just a bad screenshot.

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Again it isn’t supposed to resemble an aperture lab. The room shown is supposed to be dark (3rd screenshot). Again this is just the start of the map making process and the textures aren’t even finalised yet.

  1. If the map isn’t 50-60% conplete, don’t make a new thread for it. Use the pimpage thread instead.
  2. If you do not want feedback, do not ask for feedback.
  3. If it is not an aperture facility, why the hell did you write “aparture” as the map name and as a sign on top of the building?
  4. You mention Glados, what is Glados doing in a non apature facility?
  5. You have apature logos everywhere, why?
  6. The main door would look better as a partial glass pane entrance, with boards running horizontally. Or at least use a chipboard panel.
  7. Serious sign overuse. Use a few here and there, not six on one door.


I have realised that I should not have created this thread this early in the project as most of you are used to seeing maps later on in progress, just let this thread die then, I’ll create a new on in a few months time when it’s nearly done.

Apart from a few comments that were a little dumb (not properly reading the OP) no one has trolled, so I owe you guys thanks for that.

I say ditch the giant letters on the top of the building. Don’t really fit their text style and it just looks silly, really.

why the bump, it was almost dead too