gm_arcadia - A Bioshock Map

I noticed there aren’t any Bioshock themed maps for garrys mod as of yet ( well not on ) so I decided to have a go at making one. here it is: Feedback would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

basically it’s a large building at the bottom of a very dark and expansive sea-bed, the building has access to the underwater through a hole in the floor, which is big enough for a vehicle, if that’s your thing.

If this is a release, it should be in the ‘Releases’ section.

if you’re posting here anyway, why not add some screenshots and information to the OP?

Er… oops… Could someone move it there?.. Or tell me how to move it there?

I looked at this map and it is a bit too small and bland. The texturing is extremely repetitive and the water looks dreadful. You must have used a very cheap texture because the water surface has no reflections? It needs a bit of work, is it your first map? If so don’t be discouraged and make some more stuff - you can only get better, not worse.

It’s not really bioshock themed. It’s got none of the smooth 40’s styling of bioshock.

Yeah, mapping isn’t really my thing and custom textures are a bit beyond me, on a side note though the horrible water texture was unavoidable as far as I could figure out, using the reflective water caused strange issues with looking outside the windows.

if it didn’t end up like you wanted it and you know it isn’t a good map thats a big sign you shouldn’t have released the map

It did end up pretty much as I wanted it, I’m just saying that I recognize some of its flaws.