gm_area51 News (wooooo!)

Release site with more images:
1st Server: steam://connect/
2nd Server: steam://connect/

I took the idea for the basic layout from the “real” Area 51 in the Nevada desert using Google Maps (so secret it’s on satellite view!) and from various websites dedicated to the base.
Intended as a sandbox build map with something for everybody and designed for long-term use on busy servers, after 6 months of development and many betas tested by Bunglist Build regulars (thanks guys!) we are ready to release this map to the public.

Now available for download now is a “Release Candidate” version, any problems discovered in this version will be fixed before the final release, which will be posted here when it is done.

If you want to see map now the latest version is up on our server, drop in and have a look around!

* Does not require any additional games - no need for HL2 Episode 1, Episode 2 or CounterStrike Source
* All textures and models are packed into the bsp with Pakrat - so no missing textures or models
* The whole map zipped is only 19 MB, unzipped only 49 MB (smaller file than hugeflatcontruct).
* Above-ground surface is maximum Hammer grid size
* All hangars and popular build zones are Area Portalled for reduced-lag building
* Teleporter network with central hub near the spawn point
* 3D skybox, maximum Hammer size and 16th scale
* Real-life terrain imported into Hammer from US Global Survey DEM satellite data
* Total ground area is approximately twice the size of flatgrass
* Optimized using every technique covered on the Source SDK developer wiki (compiles in about 10 minutes)
* High security Admin room

* Large open spaces for vehicles and large contraptions
* Huge sky - great for planes, even big enough for Spacebuild ships to fly around
* Two giant runways with interconnecting taxiways
* Control tower with lift for a great view of the surface of the map
* Three hangars with closing doors and area portals for private, lag-free building
* One very tall hanger for particularly large contraptions with a large lift to the underground
* Pool hangar - the pool can be emptied and refilled
* Terminal building
* Bumpy area for vehicle suspension testing
* a UFO!

Giant underground area almost as large as the surface, including:
* Dirt racetrack, perfect for jeeps, airboats and your own vehicles
* Massive underground reservoir with shipbuilding jetties and ramps
* Dark rooms for discos
* Missile silo with concealed launch bay doors, control room and booster pads for “helping” things into the sky
* Anti-gravity chamber
* Shooting range with, respawning barrel targets, mounted guns and an NPC battle with a Strider, Combine soldiers, manhacks and antlions


Video by Spark Media

View from the top of the tall hangar

View from the top of the control tower

NPC Battle Range

Missile Silo

Missile Silo Controls


Release Candidate 1
* FPSBanana link:

Players - extract to your garrysmod/addons folder
Server owners - extract and place the bsp file in your garrysmod/maps folder

The Admin Room & UFO Controls
Getting in is a little tricky (on purpose):

* You need to go down the big vehicle lift in the tall hanger then at the bottom turn right and right again so you are looking at the wall level with the back of the lift.

* Stand on the floor, noclip and go straight ahead through the wall - you should either end up in a plain room with 4 teleporters or get teleported to the control tower base (if you missed).

* Keep trying until you get into the room with 4 teles (might take a few tries to get it right).

* Take the second tele from the left - all the others will kill you.

* When into the next room turn right and take the tele there into the admin room.

* Don't noclip in the admin room or the security system will throw you out. Also don't touch the spinning beams for the same reason.

* The UFO controls are straight ahead of you next to a monitor - they look like a white play and stop symbol.

The reason I built it this way is that we use uclip on our server, so non-admins can’t noclip thru walls, making the admin room totally secure to all but admins, giving me a place to code e2 or be AFK while I eat cake without getting murdered with a jeep :slight_smile:

Mattster.t - the in-map maps and lots of ideas and testing help - “you know what we could put in…”
GMan - some sign textures, lots of ideas, testing and bizarre comments - “Herp-a-derp”
All the regulars at Bunglist Build - thanks for all your suggestions and testing
Helios - mapper of freespace03 and 06 - my hangers were inspired by his (but built from scratch)

Thanks for mentioning that, I almost downloaded it.

Can I ask: why did it stop you?
It’s only secured to keep the UFO controls from being spammed.
If it’s a problem for a lot of people I’ll release an unsecured version too, or default the system to “off” so it can be turned on from inside if needed.

I like the map a lot! It looks nice and is not too blocky. The only thing i do not like is the Roads in the base. They’re way too big and give a glassy reflection which looks blah.

I played it on the server and its by far the best map ive seen that has been properly built, good job :smiley:

Admin rooms suck. Apart from that, it looks gut :smiley:

Pretty boring textures and admin rooms are never good.

Looks good, I love the skybox!
The rest is a bit meh, But it’s not bad ofc.

Great job.

Alt of OP?

That would be funny.

Really really blocky in my ipinion :stuck_out_tongue:
ALso HDR to bright .

Is there an underground area?

Are you just judging from the photos?
It’s not compiled with HDR…

Yep, the underground area is where most of the interesting stuff is.

I was restricted on what I could put on the surface because I was trying to keep fairly close to the aerial photos of the real Area 51

Added a pic of the underground racetrack to the FP

Doesn’t look like A51 at all. Nobody liked my A51 flatgrass, but at least I applied a custom texture of an A51 scan to get the angles and lengths perfect.

you didnt scale the skybox textures. its supposed to be 0.012568 or something.

Judge for yourselves:,-95.677068&sspn=48.956293,87.802734&ie=UTF8&ll=37.233267,-115.797787&spn=0.048451,0.085745&t=h&z=14

  • The runway layout is roughly correct - had to adjust the perspective to fit in the grid.
  • I took liberties with the buildings because at proper scale they would be shoebox sized.
  • The skybox terrain is from the US Global Survey Satellite data, so if that’s inaccurate then you better tell the US Government.

cool i’m downloading looks nice

Looks pretty bland and too spacey from the pictures.

i need it big and spacey for apwns star trek ships

That’s exactly why its so big - we run Spacebuild Model Pack (SBMP) on the first server and often have all 12 slots full - it doesn’t seem empty with 12 players in! (admittedly it is a bit big for singleplayer unless you want lots of room for an epic build or for flying something around)

It’s arranged so that there are several build areas big enough for most contraptions, each separated from the others by area portals to allow 12 people to be building at once with manageable lag.