gm_asylum Upcoming horror map!

Hello everyone! I thought I would share some of my mapping with you… I’m currently making a horror map for Garrysmod and I’m using an asylum :]

If there’s anything you’d like in the map as a horror effect and so on just let the words and ideas flow! :]

Bye for now!

There’s a thread for stuff like this, The map pimpage one…

I just noticed that the rainsound is very loud and everywhere! I’ll fix that!

Way too fucking dark.

Actually I don’t know why it is this dark… I think it’s the videos fault… In game this is much much brighter than what this stupid video show

or don’t take notice of what I say, meh.

Because what you said was useless and stupid and I hate people like you on forums, correcting everything and shit.

Not correcting anything, I’m stating where this should be, don’t start getting pissy with me, I haven’t done nothing insulting towards you.

No I mean its way to dark. If you have to use the flashlight outside to see whats going on, then its too dark.

Yes but did it look like I wanted your stupid comment in this thread?


It’s night and realistic?
Also the color correction is one factor

You need to understand the line between somebody taking the piss or giving you constructive critisism, all of the above has been constructive, so don’t take it to heart and start offending people, if a few people are saying X is wrong with the map, just fix it.

It’s feedback, even if it’s bad it’s still good, as it’s showing what you need to do to improve!

No its not.

If that light fixture outside is actually working and you still need to use the flashlight to see, that is a problem.

Don’t use a light entity, use something like light_spot or something aside from the light entity. Also, add some decals to break up the repeating. Add some more props, grunge, etc. And add more light, like said above.

Some things to improve:

  • Chill out with the blue(s). You use to much blue lights in your map. For example, use a yellow light outside the outside house, to draw the players attention. (if i played the map, i would not have noticed the house at all.)
  • The celldoor, why did you need two large power generators to fire up the button? and since the power wasn’t on before you fired up the generators, why were the lights still on? I think you should plan it a bit more careful. And the cell door needs to be a bit slower, it went way to fast into that wall.
  • The long corridors should be filled up with some thing. If the asylum is abandoned(except from some inmates), why is it so clean?
  • I think you should add color_correction at the very end off your mapping proses. You have clearly a long way to go before your are done with this map. It is blocky, and boring to look at. But you got a pretty nice atmosphere going on.

I think blue is due to Color Correction. Not exactly blue lights.

What hawkeye hawk said about the door opening too fast game me idea. Another awesome scare factor would be if you made the door open slowly, but when it closed behind you, it made a big booming and echoey sound and shut extremely fast. This would give the player the idea that something made it shut.


Really good map by the way. You should tone down a bit on the amount of blue you use. It would be a good idea to use different colors of lighting in places you want the player to go. I’m not sure I would know where to go if I wasn’t the mapper.

might i make a suggestion? you’d be better off using florescent lights, yes those fuckers from school, inside the building, if you’re going for a bit of that realism touch.

Just that video alone was pretty creepy. The only thing that I didn’t like of it, there is an extreme lack of detail in all the corridors. And the generator room, you have to tweak with that lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.

Other than that, its pretty creepy.

Try to put some vents and stuff around. Maybe some ladders and paint buckets and stuff like that to make it look like the place was being worked on.