GM_Atomic not installing.

I’ve downloaded gm_atomic to play on a roleplay server. When I try to join it still tries to download it and I can’t find the map in the singleplayer game start either. I’m installing it correctly (extract to addons) but still nothing happens. Any suggestions to why this isn’t working?

Try extracting the file to your maps file instead of your addons file.

Should be the .bsp

That would be the maps FOLDER. Inside of the garrysmod folder that you find addons, search around for one called maps. Move the gm_atomic.bsp folder in there

For future notes, .bsp files should always be moved into maps if they’re the only things in the download…

Whoops, my bad.


It’s not the only thing in the download. I believe their is a “materials” folder in the download also.

Then you should put the materials folder inside of the garrysmod/materials.

It is not in addon format, manual profile reconstruction required.

Select profile history
Select psychological profile
Choose Military specialization.

Well than the author of the map has his installing directions wrong.