Gm_atomic plagairism

I might be being very stupid, but I feel obliged to point out, what seems to me, to be blatant plagairism. Gm_atomic seems to have been copied:


Possible fake:

If you simply search “fallout” on they are both on the first page. I’m sorry if i’m wrong but this just seems to be completely out of order.

He never claimed it was his, plus people reupload stuff all day, every day, even when there’s bright red text and a popup telling them not to. It blows my fucking mind.

He didn’t claim it was his, but he also didn’t give any credit to the creator. Is this not against the rules? I hate it when people do things like this, like the retarded Kermitethefrcg guy…

People break rules every other upload, he’s not gonna be punished.

True but look at his profile (
16/16 of his uploads are re-uploads… I think that is worth a ban >.<

I guess he’s an idiot but I still don’t think he’ll get banned.

Garry should force you to link your FP account with your account and then have people enforce the rules.

Who gives a shit? Just don’t download from him.