God damn.

This is great. Perfect for roleplaying servers aswell.

Wow. Drop dead gorgeus… Very nice job!

The artistic direction is beautiful. You are a master with Hammer.

Map is great, too bad that is earth in 4 years…

Wow I was just going to bed, so glad I didn’t miss this one. Gorgeous and simply amazing.


Damn, that is a kickass map. I’ll definitely check this out as soon as I can.

Post apocalyptic indeed please do more this is a very good map and post apocalyptic is my thing

Post apocalyptic indeed please do more this is a very good map and post apocalyptic is my thing


BAD?! Think of the positives not the negatives during the apocalypse i always think of the +'s not the -'s and in 4 years it would be fun I CAN’T WAIT!


Awesome map. Mapping king. :slight_smile:

Wow, this map is simply AWESOME! So much detail and the atmosphere… brilliant.
I just walked around the whole map and I have to admit walking around alone made me shit my pants. All these random noises and no sign of life.
You always feel as if something is lurking behind something…

By the way, what’s the business with the buttons?
When I press them, nothing happens really, except for the garage door at the gas station. What’s that about, some secret button combo thingy? :smiley:

Wait… Strange Noises? Stalking?
Mutants anyone?

Great map anyways.


It hurts my head thinking how long you took to compile this! Lifeless atmosphere, Excellent soundscape, refugee camp with a twisted bunker labrynth, and curiously, faint music that plays at the impact crater. What is that supposed to represent?

Although it is graphically impressive, you could have noded the AI graph a little better. Sometimes combine do not know that the bunker windows make great cover spots, and humans do not die from the radiation like they should.

And yes, is there some easter egg in this map, that’s going to come out screaming or something? As I can remember, your last map gm_buttes was supposed to have one, but wasn’t evil enough. You probably have something here.

This is hot!

Why wait?

I never found any easter egg or secret…

Bring on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. pics now.

All we need now is the Hummungus and the Gyro Captain.