gm_atomictide [objective map idea]


i have been working on this new multiplayer map project named gm_atomictide (will probably rename it when i think of something better).

the map consists of a large ocean with a port on one side and a beach on the other and a small island in the middle. on the small island is a mine (a tiny cave).
the idea is that the players are to create maritime machines and go to the island where the players from the port collect uranium and take it back to the port and turn it into
bombs that can be used to destroy the beach. meanwhile, the players from the beach are to protect themselves by defending the island with their machines so the
players from the port cant get the uranium.

so thats the basic idea. i know it sounds like naval play but the guys who own that are killing it and i wanted to make a few tweaks to it and add an actual ending.
this is not a gamemode. the entire game runs by the map and this thread is in the right place.

but the reason i posted this was because i needed ideas and opinions.
so far only the port team has a way of winning, could anything be implemented to make it more fair, etc.


Off that it seems cool, but some early map screenshots and maybe a bit more depth about the gamemode’s idea would be helpful. :smiley:
You say the map does the work, will there be a gamemode to go with it? Or are you planning on using an existing gamemode?

you could have it so the islanders have to protect the uranium untill it collected by a ship or transport aircraft giving them there win situation creating a timed objective for the players from the port 30mins or 45mins

a gamemode would be useful with it because i could add stuff like teams and a timer. but im terrible at making gamemodes. i tried it once and it just didnt work.

so the whole thing will run off the map yes :slight_smile:

i will post some dev screenshots later on as im still getting the beach right.