GM_Bajarama Extreme Offroad!

[release][tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] An Extreme! Offroad map.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab]None, all packed with pakrat


-Optimized 4 Pits
-High resolution texture
-Start lights
-Watch tower
-Many more!
-Car Prefab(tnx JS_Studios)

[tab]Installation:[/tab] Drop in you addons folder :smiley:

[tab]CREDITS:[/tab] Map: Francis115(Me) HeightMap: ROR Textures: Me Car Prefab: JS_Studios



**High Resolution Detailed Texture**





Thank You!

Here is the vmf for people who wants it, the vmf contains only the terrain, no brushes except the skybox and the lil platform. Also includes light_env, cubemaps, as well as spawn points,** if you’re gonna release your own version with details and such, please credit me for the main terrain porting tnx :D.**


Looks great.

Thank you!

Holy shit! that looks awesome!
Damn I wished we had some nice scrambler bikes on Gmod :stuck_out_tongue: but cars will do the trick.

You got yourself a downloader!

Yes, offroad cars, but we can still build motorcycles like these:

Holy shit, Those textures look sweet.

Looks Awsome
just downloaded it
It would be great online

Did you forget to buildcubemaps?
When I spawn cars from a vehicle pack they’re really shiny and I had to buildcubemaps myself.

well, I remember I did. If not, Manual buildcubemaps, sorry about that. And also, is your HDR on? I don’t have problems with the vehicle pack when it’s off

shit, thats fucking ace.
It looks aweshum.

Sorry, but can’t we just take the heightmap from RoR like you did?

looks great for testing my cars

yes, you can usually just open the raw file with photoshop, I put watermark on the heightmap cause some users doesn’t know how to get it lol

Looks great, but the only thing i see wrong is no 3d skybox.

Well I think anyone who’s familiar with RoR knows how to get the raw heightmap into photoshop.

Whoa, nice texture.
Those first few screenshots look great!

DanielPinoy can you do a night-time copy of this map too :3

also can you make a spawn platform for that car that you made so there’s no fighting over who gets it ( had two kids fight over it on my server )

HOLY FUCK. this is just like that one RoR course.

Best looking race map to date.

Finally a pretty off-road map.