gm_bar from gmod 13 beta?

I’m wondering if anyone has ported over the map gm_bar from the gmod 13 beta over to the new gmod yet?

I only have one screenshot of it right now…

Um, why would you have to port it?

I mean someone has to put it on the new workshop.

Is this the bar map that hiyougami made? I can’t even tell from the screenshot. If it is, you’d have to ask him about that.

Yeah, it is his map

I left him a comment on his YouTube channel, we’ll see how that goes.

come to think of it, what happened to gm_corridor?

Are you talking about the Inception corridor? Isn’t it still up?

he has a facepunch account and posts often here

why didn’t you just pm him

if it is, then i can’t find it…

Here ya go.