**I just whopped up a new map - Gm_Basement_V1

The map takes place in a basement, crowded and zombie like. It has detail, no bugs (besides the light bug in the corner, which I think is pretty eerie.), sawblades for zombie killing, you can virtually only see five feet ahead of you, and the map is lag free.

This is an EXCELLENT map for 3 people, killing zombies. It even scares me, and I created it! :open_mouth:

PICTURES :open_mouth:

::Features List::

-Almost burnt out flickering florescent light
-Two generators (non working) very eerie
-Blood stains, just about everywhere
-Many physic props for you to throw at zombies
-A very horrific touch

Thank you for downloading if you did! V2 coming soon!!!**

Please tell me what you think, or what I should improve on. Thanks!

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And looks kinda like a big square room with one light and some zombies

Its supposed to be dark. To make it hard when you play some kind of zombie survival (Not the gamemode) on it. Its detailed, its not just some lights. The zombies aren’t spawned when you enter the map. You spawn them yourself.

Yep. A couple props, a decal and a huge blocky room with no light is sure detailed

I really hope you’re trolling

that’s not even closed to cramped

me see no pics. or dl link.

Well, i’ll download it and plunk some lights in so we can see what exactly it is

facepalm i can make your map better…

Ugh, i was right.
It’s a large square room with some random props and decals strewn about

One of the 2 light sources just comes out of the wall without any prop to explain it.

And the lighting is just plain white light just toned down, it looks weird

And the cubemaps seem to fail a bit

Basically, just rework it so it looks like an actual basement, make some good geometry and not just random prop_static.
There is a way to make something look scary and dark without it being pitch-black

You’re on your way, the one bit of advice i can give you is Never give up!
No matter how much people say your map sucks, its your map. He proud of it, but don’t expect everyone to like it. With practice and good tutorials, you can become a pretty good mapper. You just need to keep at it!

It looks ok if it was a first map, but if you concider this better than a flatgrass remake you should probably stop making maps until you learn a bit more about architecture and how it makes a map.

You should go look at some tutorials.