Gm_Bastion V1

Gm_Bastion is a sandbox map. Thats pretty much it

Youtube video:

ATTENTION: My skybox really sucks so if anyone thinks they could make a better one add me on steam, username: dalton0419

That actually looks quite nice. But in future you should probably put a it of a description of features and some additional pic. Actually… pics in general.

  • Lighting to all that list

Probably not you…
Try militia_hdr from css

There is lighting…

He means improve it.

The lighting looks great in my opinion

it looks okay, but its pretty boring.

Yeah it looks kinda bland

First, this:

Media tags. [media ]URL[ /media] Works for pictures too.

And second, have yourself an artsy, the map looks fantastic.

Now that I think about it, though, I think a different skybox and light_environment setting would be beneficial.

Yes I know, before it had a 3d skybox it looked much less boring, thats why I need a new one

The map is very nice but your light settings look like default ones so it’s very bland and unrealistic lighting-wise.

Use this list ( to get your light_environment settings right.

I like the bland lighting, it balances out a more desert feel for me. But it seems a tad bit blocky in places. And the ground doesnt have any terrain besides flat? Oh well, downloading.

are you idiot or what?
Using a good lighting you can make desert to look better.
Also if you want to play map in fullbright bland lighting
in console type “mat_fullbright 1”
And be happy

-snip-,looks good :smiley:

Progress ?