[release]This is a space station I made, with the idea that it would be a good place for building spacecraft and fighting. There is an asteroid field and a large station with observation decks, control rooms, and empty rooms for players to construct their own stuff. I left out some detail in the construction so that players could have large dogfights without lag. This is spacebuild 2 compatible I believe, but you do NOT need spacebuild to have zero gravity, I have included that in the map for props, if you want zero gravity for players do that in the gmod menu. Custom skybox, working 5 story elevator, and rotating wheels of nausea.

I used like 1 ep2 texture and 1 model, so it really shouldnt be a problem. Most of the textures are the custom star wars textures by shadow801, I have pakrated them in.



Custom skybox

Star Wars-ish control panels with places for players to build their own command deck


Empty room for players to build stuff.

These are rooms that players can go inside of and lock and unlock from in there, for building crap.

Big 2 story hangar for building ships.

Wheel of death

Back view. Its actually a lot farther from the asteroids than this picture makes it looks like.

The station itself looks great, the inside looks a bit bland.

Download link?

Fix the interior up and you’ve got a nice map on your hands.

I’m quite impressed, the exterior reminds me of a space station i’ve seen before, i really like it, skybox could be high res but that could be your gfx card, work a bit on the interior.

Yes. It sort of looks like some of the cloud city on Bespin (I think). I’m sure it’s from SW.

Exterior: Fucking great!

Interior: You should work on the textures, make them less repeated. You should also add more props to the control room, right now it’s a bit too empty IMO.

Lol oops. Updated original post with download link.

Yeah, I had a base idea of what I wanted the space station to look like from some Rebel space station in I think it was Empire at War. What I intended with this map was to make a big place for dogfights in space with a small space station, but it kinda grew from there to being a huge space station, but I still wanted to have a low-latency map, as when you have multiple people with 20 prop ships flying around with trail effects shooting weapons with particle effects it can be disgustingly laggy. Thanks for the positive feedback.

EDIT- They’re right, never mind about the numbers.

But can we have something to open the door, in case we are delayed on the way out of the elevator?

That and the roids are missing textures apparently.

Outside, fucking sweet.

Inside, terrible.

Hmm, thats funny. The asteroids are using ep2 textures, but I thought that I had pakrated them in. They will for sure work if you mount ep2. The bottom left button of the elevator with the picture of the man leaving a door will open the door. I couldnt find a good texture that said open. I know the inside is pretty bland, I made it that way so you could fight in spaceships outside with less lag. Oh, and after playing with this some more I discovered that thrusters for some reason do not have zero gravity applied to them, probably because they are a different type of entity. I reccommend Jinto’s physics mod for true zero g spaceships.

I see what you ported there.

Nice work on the outside, but like everyone else said, work on the inside a bit.

It looks pretty cool, work on the textures though.

No seriously, the 4th picture from the top looks a bit shitty (the floor).

Other than that tho, Gj.

The outside of that ship looks like sex.

The inside is a bit bland and empty. Just add a little more design and atmosphere on the inside.

Fuck Bittorent, Mirror Mirror Mirror xD Sorry

Reminds me of Gm_Orbit_v3 (I still use it)

i got a bug with this map when i spawn a prop inside the base it’s normal but when i spawn it out in space it flys all the way to the top of the map anyone getting this ? or is it just me

Its the space effect… It is supposed to do that like 0 gravity in space. I think.

I’ve read somewhere that you can’t make areas with different gravities in hammer any more. It has to be done by SB.

The outside is orgasmic

You’re all saying the inside is bland, well what if you suddenly feel the need to make a machinima with the map? I’d say it’s a good thing it’s bland, because then static props and stuff won’t clutter the machinima props.

Hey, Could i grab the skybox for this please?