Gm_Battlezone01! and the Battlezone series thread.

Hey there all, been a long while since I have made any maps for commercial release, but recently I found that there is still a lack of specialized battle maps. So I am announcing a 9 part map series I am working on named BattleZone or BZxx for short.

To kick off the series, here is a map I whipped up a few days ago that started me thinking about the project.
Pics of BZ01 links cause I am lazy all of the sudden!

Wanna help me with the Ideas for the other maps? Specialized maps meaning that they are tailored for a specific type of combat or war.

Gm_Battlezone01 = 2Fort style contraption wars
Gm_Battlezone02 = Large arena based Mech/Tank combat (This one is gonna look good, Hopefully)
I need designs for a spectator’s tower to go in the center of BZ02, Please post sketches.

Gm_Battlezone03 = Naval Canyons and river Base war map (Great for Naval, Huge ass map)
Gm_Battlezone04 = Offroad and Muddy Combat (Cmon who doesn’t like Offroading and explosions?)
Gm_Battlezone05 = Night time Tactical map (Stealth is the key)
Gm_Battlezone06 = Death Race style race tracks (I have not seen a map like that yet)
Gm_Battlezone07 = Variable Terrain, Random Changes in layout. (Unknown if even Possible)
Gm_Battlezone08 = Need concepts
Gm_Battlezone09 = Need concepts

Gm_BattlezoneX = Secret bonus map (Maybe around christmas if I don’t get bored with this)

Battlezone06 should contain tracks.

I don’t know, just throwin’ something out there.

Hmm… What kind of tracks? like DeathRace?

That is not a bad Idea!

Hehe Ice, you and your trains :v:

Heh, I may do some form of Train tracks in one of the maps for Transportation, though I may use train tracks as part of the landscape in Battlezone04

Train tracks and a subway. (PHX size)

I seem to be missing the texture for the bridge/some of the walls and i’m guessing a light fixture on the bridge if giving “error” in big mad 3d letters. any ideas?

It might require Half-Life 2, Episode One or Two, none of which you own remore. (legal Gmod + HL2DM)

No subways, this is a series of battle and war maps, not universal build maps…

This map uses HL2Ep2 Textures and models. I am sure I stated that on the download page or somewhere.

Nice job rating yourself mapping king.

Subways are awesome for fighting.

:stuck_out_tongue: didn’t even know I could, been a while since I used to post here. Never allowed it before.

It has always been allowed, there just has to be 2x the same rating for it to show up :science:

He means pre-2009 rating system…

Oldfags for the cheese!

You young whippersnapper! XD

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Search up -=GRW=- [GMRC] Kaos. That should lead you to me.

Here’s something for battlezone7. Try a heavily forested area. Trees everywhere. Add bushes and streams here and there. Maybe like that one mission in Cod6. Sneaking around with a partner and looking for targets.

This looks too bland and empty. Were are all the trees?

It looks good for it’s purpose, but probably a 3D skybox and some fuckarsing with the lighting, as well as trying to make it a little rounder and less blocky in alot of areas, would probably make it a lot better.