It’s finally here ! It’s really finally here !!!


I made this map because I really wanted to do something unique. I don’t know if I succeded, but I know this : almost everything that’s walkable “outside” is a displacement ( uneven terrain). Excellent for suspension contraptions. It also features a few “flat” zones for those who prefer this.

Ok let’s not talk too much because you’ll understand nothing. It’s better if I make a “feature” list :stuck_out_tongue: :

*Uneven Terrain(Displacements)
*Lots of water(it’s a beach…)
*Marine platforms
*Airboat Water Hangar
*A wood “house” or something like that
*A race track(the green area of the beach, where there are lots of trees)
*A combine “fort” mountain( just a combine guardhouse on a mountain)
*Tall skybox

I know the map is not “extremely detailed” ( hey, it’s garry’s mod anyway, maps should be less detailed here :P), but it gives you that “realistic” feel. I guess…
About the basement : I just felt there’s something left to do. So yeah, an underground base sounded like a good ideea. It’s a calm place, perfect for building wiremod contraptions ;).

By Samurai Jack( or ‘striker’)

Screenshots on the download page. But the video does every screenshot :P.

Fix dat video?

Common man. It’s even highlighted :

Actually not bad.
Well, the displacements ruin it.
try remaking the displacements by using a larger radius and less distance.
i like to use 1024-4096x5-25

Nice map, unfortunately my G Mod is not working. Probably because I downloaded too much crap. Oh well…BTW I like the underground thingamajig, just no-one fill it full of zombies, I’ll kill 'em, the person who put the zombies there.

It doesn’t need to be “extremely detailed”, it just needs to be mapped good. Adding a few static props doesn’t lag at all unless you’ve got a 12mb graphics card.

You didn’t get my download, sorry

The high texture scale doesn’t do the map any justice.

you’re missing a 3D skybox, make one.
repetitive textures, make em’ or download them.

Look, here’s the deal : less detail for better framerate. I mean, I saw that map with huge textures that llooked good, there all of you guys left the beauty of it to blame the framerate .
Make a decision ! This is garry’s mod not an SP mod.

I don’t know the first thing about mapping but isn’t this a bad thing

gm_botmap_v3 or something else.
these are maps with details which are actually popular and mostly played on servers.

The sun angle and the sky reminds me of a rainy day. Only thing missing is rain though?

man i always have that problem…i need to spend a whole hour just to look for those


what if it’s about to rain? it always looks liek that to me when it’s about to rain


I like the map, but i think it needs a few more tweaks:
1)maybe a 3d skybox?
2) more open water?
3)a better way to get to the airboats

Hah, I think it’s a good ideea to post my maps on facepunch. It’s like a fucking auto scan for errors and bugs =)). Nice for you to do the dirty work for me, altough wtf ! I only see now that bug(the displacements weren’t perfectly seamed there) and it passed through my eyes lots of times…

Anyway… have fun playing the map guys.

The key feature of gm_mobenix isn’t exactly huge open spaces. In mapping terms, source can accept easier that kind of layout.
Botmap… same here.
Gm_Atomic ? The textures there are large.
Gm_bigcity … I can’t really comment here because I don’t know how it was compiled. But if those buildings aren’t func details, it’s clear : source accepts this kind of layout quite well.

Fix those displacements, then ill download

I like how you made the beach house, with the poles underneath if the water rises. It gives it a good realistic feel.

But you wont get my download mostly because of the textures are stretched, but also because the displacement have “sharp” spikes.

This map would be perfect for Go Fish.

That would be displacements not lining up, I have a problem with these as well.

What is the best way to take care of these anyway?

Review time.
Displacements and their textures need a complete remake, or a long edit. The beach shack is quite nice and fairly realistic. Architexture is good and not much blockyness is seen. Lighting is good, but I think a sunny skybox and lighting would do this map more good. Overall, a nice map that could use some improvement.

I’m not gonna download this map. If I wanted to drive on a beach I’d load up a half-life 2 coast map.