The client still has to install the module, you know

CAn soemone reupload it please? is down.

Added filesmelt mirror to the first post.

filesmelt only goes halfway, then it stops. (download percent)

please upload it to


And does it use gmcl_gspeak? Or it really beeps from pc speaker? I twould be nice to get beeps from it :D.

It uses the motherboard bell. If you’re in doubt what that means, you should just try it :slight_smile:

IDK how to explain iut but… it is “laggy” :/.

This is an under appreciated module, there need to be more songs than just the OIFY song for it.
Maybe some Christmas songs since it’s close to it?

Maybe piss off your server providers by running it every second?

Now that’s just evil! Maybe just once in a while at random intervals to keep them guessing?

Play some Xmas stuff or something…

haha working on xmas… Haha

Does this actually emit the sound from the mother board or wherever you have it located, or is it a headset/speaker remake.

it plays from my headphones

It’ll play from the device your system is setup to play from. Either your default sound device or the motherboard’s piezoelectric buzzer.

There’s some setting somewhere in Windows that lets you choose.

Sorry for the necro bump but how would one go along making the serverhost/everyone on the server’s motherboards beep? Is it a console command?