Holy, my first map!
Ok, this is my first map I’m uploading. It’s not verry good, but someone maybe want it. It is a map full of water and a “metal island”
The map got a map icon! :smiley:

On the map, you will find:

  • Big water arena
  • A big skybox
  • An Island made out of metal
  • Ramps from the water to the island
  • Wood bridges
    Please leave a comment. Tell me what you think.
    Here are some pictures you may want to take a look at:

Thanks to:
they who helped me out here -
3kliksphilip for making tutorials -

No wonder you had so many issues…ignore everything 3kliks says and use interlopers written tutorials, or firegods video tutorials.

The map itself is ugly, there is no theme or purpose. The pool is too shallow for building (only 80 units), and the land is utterly flat. Materials wise, they make no sense. Everything is textured with the same tile floor bar some wooden ramps which look very out of place. The water brush is not set up correctly either, only the top face should be water, the rest should be nodraw. This looks like a very first map, and a rush job at that.

Never release anything you don’t think is good. If the author doesn’t think it is good, then neither will anyone else. Also, come up with something new. This map is bland and the idea has been done before so many times, and far better than this.

Well, it’s my second map in hammer. The first one is better, but it’s unfinished.
Btw, what do you mean with “only 80 units”?

I’m still not sure why you thought 80 units was enough for water. That comes up to the waist of the player…

It’s my first map… Do you need to drawn yourself?

That makes me smug.

Try not to use a combine tile texture as the walkway of the map.

Actually make it look like a pool.

That is no excuse. In fact, generally if you post a map here, then you want feedback. If you don’t want feedback, don’t post the map.

I can try…

don’t pay attention to 3kliksphilips’ tutorials, they’re worthless

Are there AI nodes, of any kind?

This is pretty bad. It’s really blocky. The water is too shallow.


Can you give me a name to a good water texture? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does everyone say that his tutorials suck, i think that they are very good for starters.

Teaches bad habbits and I’m pretty sure he uses carve in one of his tutorials…

Its always all about carve :v:

They teach bad habits, which can be hard to shake when you realise that they are bad.

Shush you, but on a serious note, there are far more better tutorials out there, is a good example, some excellent tutorials there.

Or…if you must use video tutorials, look for firegods ones. He is an established mapper with a list of tutorials as long as the librarian’s arm.

So… 18 vids is as long as the librarian’s arm?

I think I need to remake some of the first 10, because I honestly didn’t know what I was doing.

I’m going to do that now.