Gm_bigcity in Portal

Even though both these things have been available for years, it never occurred to me to do this:


You can reach the same speed the portals you fire travel at in this map.
And I’m aware there will probably be a clockstorm for this but I don’t care. :buddy:

Woa, I have so many ideas for some city maps I have, gotta try this tomorrow

Oh god, I’m doing this now. Looks incredibly epic.

Looks like some real fun.

Gotta do this now. Right now.

On it mother… Oh wait, no GPU+internet
This was a fail!

Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out.

tbh, this isn’t anything new

Like I said. :v:

I had done it a while ago. It’s horribly fun.

I would’ve done this long ago, but I dont know all the materials that you need to put into portal.

None. Portal comes with all HL2 materials and the few custom ones come with the bigcity download from

Wow. Thanks alot!

How do you do this. I must know.

Download the map from and install everything like normally, except in the portal folder.
Then just take out the console and type in “map gm_bigcity”

Ah thank you. I’m gonna go and try this with other maps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember to use the code “impulse 101” to get the portal gun.

Or “Give weapon_portalgun ; upgrade_portalgun”

Well, I didn’t know about the upgrade_portalgun thing, so I just instructed impulse 101

I just have the ‘P’ key bound to “sv_cheats 1;give item_suit;give weapon_portalgun;wait 5;upgrade_portalgun”