I didn’t make the map myself BTW. I recomend that you DO NOT
upload alternate versions of this map without proper permission
of the rightful offer. This should only be used too see how things
work (entities, brushes, ect). If you do edit it, it should be for
personel use ONLY!

Note: I only uploaded because of so many requests and the fact that its not anywhere else on the internet, and if I’m asked enough, I’ll remove the file.

What did you do? use vmex? or did BigWig himself give you it?

It’s a vmex version.

“id” “1”
“mapversion” “3”
“classname” “worldspawn”
“comment” “Decompiled by VMEX v0.98e from F:”
“detailmaterial” “detail/detailsprites”
“detailvbsp” “detail.vbsp”
“maxpropscreenwidth” “-1”
“message” “gm_bigcity”
“skyname” “militia_hdr”

Yeah what he said, but I used additional export options so that it wouldn’t have f***ed up faces, like most VMex compiles.

uploading a decompile is still fucking dumb.

If you think so, than why did you even click this forum?

*Thread :v:

I hope you know we’re all capable of doing this ourselves. It’s not hard to decompile. You actually did what you are telling us not to do too by uploading something that isn’t yours.

Kinda had a feeling you would be like that due to the all caps title.

Look, decompiles are messed up regardless of faces or not. Trust me I’m fixing a decompiled map of my own as we speak.

Oh, and there’s no need to censor fucked, people on Facepunch kind of look down on guys that do that.

Ok, ok. file removed.