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A huge tropical island map with sandy beaches, forests, caves and rivers - suitable for roleplay and survival gamemodes. A two-month project, Big Island spans the entire useable Hammer grid and features 90% custom content as well as a few secrets.

Created by LEAKTEK collaboration
Matt Westphal / Stinger21
Jack Parsons / Hiyougami

The dramatic epic tale of love and loss, friendship and betrayal behind the creation of this map


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These caves are impossible to not get lost in.

Amazing as always. Awesome job you two!

Great job you guys! I hope the drama and work was worth it in your opinions.

Someone asked in the map pimpage thread if the models created for this map would be made avilable. I’ll save you the effort of extracting them from the bsp manually.
24 models in total, including the forestwalls.
If you use these anywhere, please credit me. Thanks.

also, Currently hosting a server with the map on this IP:
Feel free to join! I’ll keep it up untill it crashes and I’m not awake to restart it. rcon password is “asdf123” if you want to change any settings like sv_cheats etc.

You are all excellent

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Btw, the connect button is grayed out when attempting to join the server.

Map looks absolutely amazing, but one thing that annoys me is how from the edges of the island you really aren’t able to tell how the island is higher in the center. Possibly the 3D skybox could be used to create the illusion of a high point in the center, but without wasting too many resources?

Really nice work!

connect using the console, “connect” or by looking for it in the server browser

This is amazing, i’ve been wanting a big deserted island map for the longest time.

As beautiful as it is, my mapping OCD bites in a lot of places, such as misaligned textures and just completely missing brushes or displacements. It also kills me that there are a lot of brush faces that could have benefited more from seamless scale and a lot of blends that could have made use of modulate blends.

Really wish you would have held off a ‘final’ release to allow for more community testing. As I pointed out yesterday with numerous pictures, there is just a bunch of little things that need to be fixed. You can still recompile and update the file on the workshop under the same name. People automatically download it so long as they’re subscribed.

I sincerely hope that you will find it in you to open Hammer again and fix the marginal issues. A map as great looking at this at least deserves those minor fixes. Great work and I hope you’ll reconsider completely dropping the project.

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This looks like it’s from a different game. Great job!

Brilliant! Great job!

You should of been paid for the great work you did.

They should have. Found that original thread a few days ago and was hoping it would get a public release. It’s an awesome map. There are a few bugs but its pretty good overall, I was trying to see if it would be a good map for TTT.

Not a really a waste of time though, will look nice as a portfolio piece!

And it will bring lots of 12 year olds happiness for years to come!

Waaayyyy too big for TTT

If you were willing to spend more time with this map you could partition a smaller portion of the map for use in TTT.

Thats the point, altrough the matches can be long, the caves can give a “tension” feeling.
I personally think all the maps should be as long as possible on TTT, makes the game more enjoyable (atleast for me).