gm_bigofficebuilding - Yep, it's pretty big.

Hope you enjoy it; It’s 12 stories and practically empty! (BONUS)

How do I get it submitted for download in the toybox?


That IS a big office building.

Looks pretty good too, except I don’t really get that ‘office’ feel.

Unless the ceiling is a 100% black texture, the map has a leak.

LOL, there is no lighting hitting the ceiling in many parts of the map, derp.

That, and the lighting is too contrasted

Funny, I was actually displeased with the mount of contrast achieved.

Reminds me of this one abandoned tower, had no windows or anything.

I would think it’s a jail…

Doesn’t look very nice at all OP.

Needs better textures. Right now it looks like a half-abandoned building.

Because the map has a leak. When you have lighting like that, it means VRAD is only doing direct lighting (no light bounces.) It’s ugly, and it means that the entire map is being rendered at once, which leads to terrible performance.

It needs to be fixed.

Textures from cs_office would be good. The OP needs to do that as well.

Also, the lights that are being used are blocks with the light texture added. Use light entities and props.

Which explains the pitch black ceilings.


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Also the fact I used a nearly black texture.

So, No HDR for Us?

Ok, This map Is seroiusly Broken.
The Glass when broken turnes into purple and black Crap, The toolgun and crossbow are covered in checkerboards because you didnt use LDR or HDR, Any and most of the shaders are black and purple.
Fix This.

500+MBs?! DAMN!

Then you never want to improve, only release shit after shit.

Nothing wrong with using texture lights, as long as you’re using them properly. He isn’t though.