I’ve done a map for building stuff.
Made it because I was bored but I think you will enjoy the map.


Pictures are in the link.

Tell me what I can improve in next maps if you can :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh and this is my first map for Gmod

Very VERY simple, but if its your first map, Good job, Hope too see you get better

Also learn how to use Displacements they help out a lot too. :smile:

Well, its a construction map.
And a very generic one.

And I think this belongs on the release section mate, you maybe consider asking a mod to move this :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose for a first map this is good.

Some advice for the future, Work on the lighting so it looks… whats the word… Oh yes, “pwetty.”

Have a look at some tutorials so that you get better for a next release and amaze us.

Well you were wrong, making a box with water and a cross with brushes shouldn’t even be considered as a releasable map, this is barely a test map you’re doing for yourself. The lighting is way too dark and doesn’t even fit the skybox.

I know how exciting it is to finish your first map and play on it, but for god’s sake, don’t release it. There is some time later when you’ll look back and realize how shitty that was.
Don’t release a map until you think it is at least as good as any awesome map around here. I can’t really give you advice since what you have done isn’t anything else than a test map which is done by a developer in 5 minutes. Just learn to use brushes for something else than boxes, read about how to use lighting properly, and try to do something decent. NOT a build map. We’ve got like thousands of them already, and all of them are utterly useless, even though they do look good.

Go over there and don’t come back until you have something decent to show off.
Unless you are having issues and need to ask questions, of course.


For a first map, this is absolutely terrible, I’m being sincere because hypocrisy won’t let anyone go far. My first map had displacements, a sun, lighting and even a small house, I started from the idea that it was good, and ended up with an horrible gigantic box with holes and repeating textures. Heck, even people here thought it was good, so I continued and gave up because it was so poorly done that everything broke every time I wanted to add a room.
Put them on the right tracks as soon as they are starting, else they will always derail.
You are mapping because you want to make good and playable map with an almost-professional quality. If you’re going for the lol cs aim maps, then your maps will be worth dog shit and everyone will bash you for being a shit mapper, and you will end up feeling like shit.


Fuck, I feel like I writing this for nothing, as you will probably take it as an insult and ignore it, just like everyone else.

Good job asshole, Its a simple construct map, I remeber when i first started mapping and i couldn’t make a fucking house. I’m currently 6 months into mapping and still cannot master roofs… So go fuck off if you’re going to be a dick.

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Constructive criticism dude! its not even your map and your menstruating everywhere. I see his point, my first map wasn’t that bad, sure i practiced and started off the same but what i actually released was of a decent standard. I haven’t mastered skyboxes yet, but i make sure if im gonna release something, it looks good enough to be released.

To the OP, like people have said, this should just be a practice map, its good for a practice but have a look at the general standard around here and try and hit that on your next map. You don’t have to release everything you create, good luck though

It’s constructive criticism. If you can’t take it when it’s not your map, how you going to react when it is. Either take it well or don’t post. Simple choice.

Be glad I didn’t post my criticism.

This is ok for a first map, but you might want to fix the following:

  • Better lighting. Many people are turned on to a map just by the lighting.
  • Brick texture for underwater? May want to reconsider.
  • Maybe use displacements up top?
  • If this is a build map, increase the size.
  • Many people like “happy” or “sunny” skyboxes. You maybe could change the skybox texture to miltia’s skybox. (militia_hdr or militia?). To do that go to the top left and hit Map > Map Properties > Skybox Name. List of skyboxes here:
    Hope I helped.

Wait am I the only one who noticed “Ohh and this is my first map for Gmod”? Notice the "FIRST MAP



How experienced are you with mapping?