MODS: If one of you could be so kind as to move this, I’d really appreciate it. I decided to keep working on this, so it’s a WIP again…

Almost forgot to mention: This map IS fullbright!

I was just screwin’ around in Hammer yesterday, and I decided to make a map.
It’s a little hoverboard “maze” (not really a maze, but I don’t know what to call it), suspended over a pit.

If you touch the rails, you die, so you’ve gotta navigate it with a hoverboard (link to STool included in the readme).

Sound easy enough, right?

There’s a black hole SEnt (included in the .zip, link included in the readme) at the bottom constantly trying to pull you over.

So it’s like trying to walk across a very thin bridge that turns every now and then, over a big-ass pit, only it’s really windy, and the bridge is covered in banana peels.

The rails are wrapped in trigger_hurts, and will kill you instantly.

An overview of the map.

Hard to see, but the floor slopes down into the black hole.

Note: I have not been able to get across myself, but I know it’s possible because I’ve made it halfway from starting on both sides.

Fullbright, Blocky, unimaginative. Why do people insist on releasing stuff like this.

And of course, the first reply immediately criticizes me.
Yeah, okay, it looks like shit, and probably is just shit anyway, but not everybody is awesome at mapping, okay?

Would you criticize a retarded kid for drawing a firetruck that doesn’t even remotely look like a firetruck? (Note: I am NOT a retarded kid.)
No, you wouldn’t.

Well, maybe you might. I don’t know.
You don’t have to go making stupid/rude remarks about other peoples’ work (doesn’t matter if it’s their best creation ever, or if they’re just learning something).

Also, did I claim anywhere in my post that this map has awesome lighting, looks really nice, and is the best thing since sliced bread?
No, I don’t think I did.


Try to offer some constructive criticism, m’kay?
And hey - just because you DON’T like it, doesn’t mean nobody else will.

Oh, and, y’know, at least it’s a change from the constant stream of shitty adv. dupe cars and “KILL BREEN LOLZ” saves (which are sometimes only the .TGA file) uploaded to every day.

Why would you release it here if there is no lighting, its blocky and nothing original?
He is criticizing you, because you posted it here so people could.
He told you the truth.

Why would you release something that you KNOW is bad?
And it is bad, it’s horrible.
I could make something better in about 30 minutes. This has no purpose, and it looks terrible. It’s more along the lines of a hammer test and shouldn’t be released out into the public, all it does is take up space.
Try making something more imaginative, creative, better looking and more useful. Hell even a construct clone is better then this.
You need lights, LIGHTS, there’s no reason to have fullbright maps other then you’re lazy
Interesting design that has a purpose
and all that other jazz

There’s a difference between criticism (“Hey, I think you should add some lighting, and make it a bit less blocky. That would make it better!”) and just insulting (“I don’t like this because it’s ugly as hell. Why even release this piece of shit in the first place?”).

Yeah, I know he’s telling the truth. I don’t deny it one bit.
Yeah, this is more of a WIP, but I’m probably not going to work on it any more, because I have no reason to, really.

It IS ugly, and he still has valid points, don’t try to make it sound like he’s not right.
WIP maps don’t really need to be here, especially ones that are made with just about 12 blocks.

  1. Why not?
  2. Yeah, it’s shit. I admit that. I’m have no reason to deny it.
  3. Probably less than 30 minutes. It does have a purpose - just not a useful one. It does look terrible, I know. It kinda is a Hammer test, as stated above (sorta), but if nobody asked for useful, constructive criticism on things like this, then we’d probably never get all the cool maps that are released. Tell that to everybody that uploads backgrounds, adv. dupes, and savefiles to
  4. I could, and I probably will try to. Not every idea starts out as pure gold (Garry’s Mod, for example, started out as a small mod with a few neat functions.)
  5. Yeah, I know. Honestly, I had intended to put lights, but I forgot, and I admit I was too lazy to add them before I compiled for the last time.
  6. It’s a game, bro. It doesn’t really need a purpose, other than to entertain (and who knows? somebody might find this map to be somewhat entertaining).

I never said he was wrong. I said he should’ve tried to deliver his criticism in a more constructive manner (see what I’m trying to get at, here?)
Well, it’s released, and I’m not working on it any more, so it’s not a WIP.

Which we don’t want here, Unless it’s really good and release worthy.

For the love of god, Why don’t people like you see the other thread’s with fullbright maps?
You should see from those thread’s that we don’t FUCKING want them!

Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed that people on the internet were capable of offering (or willing to offer, really) the constructive criticism that I desire so very much.
Did I say you had to download this, play it every day, and love it? No.
I’m sure plenty of the products you see advertised on TV and in magazines are total shit (Snuggie), but SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE will want them, and that’s why they’re produced.
So if you see a thread with a release/WIP you don’t like, you don’t HAVE to post.

I’m trying to get some constructive criticism, here, instead of this constant flow of “YOU SUCK! WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE, FULLBRIGHT!”

You really aren’t the brightest one, are you?

Fullbright = Put some lights in it.
Blocky = more smooth edges and less plain blocks.
Unoriginal = Put something more original into it.
Etc, etc.

Is that really so hard to understand?

Alright, well maybe my definition of “constructive criticism” is a bit warped.
When I think “constructive criticism”, I think “politely stating one’s grievances with something, and suggesting a way to fix it”, not “stating every little problem you have with something in a rude manner, and calling the creator an idiot for not making it perfect the first time around”.

You came to Facepunch, what did you expect?

I expected that there would be a few people who had evolved past stone-age manners (no offense to those who have).

But since there have been SOOO many complaints with this, I decided to go ahead an add some lighting.
Hell, I’ll give it textures too.
And I’ll make it a bit less blocky, even.

Just to see if anything changes, here.

it’s common sense not to release a fullbright map

the idea hasn’t been done before, if you make it less blocky it might be worth downloading

fullbright boxes with about 8 brushes in aren’t really release-worthy.

Guy’s stop flaming him!
Yes it is fullbright and blocky but if you made him think he is a good mapper, he will do better things in time.

That right there is exactly what I wanted to see.
I’m working on the blockiness and fullbright issues right now, actually.

No, infact, he would continue making terrible maps like these.
Your statement is like anti-common sense because the exactly opposite thing happens most of the time.

… Why do you think anybody would want to download this? It’s just some triggers with dev textures!

First, give it lights. Then, come up with something better than a pair of blocks.

Still working on it.

(Oh, and could a mod please move this? I guess it’s still a WIP…)