After slowly fiddling with this map for over a year, it’s finally finished! Gm_Blitzball is a rough replica of the Luca blitzball stadium from Final Fantasy X. It has a working scoreboard with goal detection, lots of artistic detail, and includes the transparent refracting water texture and a blitzball model. All files necessary to run the map are zipped into the bsp using Pakrat.

I started this last year, but had to put the project down in order to complete my degree. I spent most of this month cleaning up the map. As usual, suggestions are welcome. I’m thinking of a version 2 to get it closer to looking like the original Luca stadium, and I’m wondering what you guys think I should add.

Beautiful and well made.

Never played Final Fantasy X so I can’t compare it, but it looks sexy nontheless,

I have played through almost all of FFX, and it’s DAMN IMPRESSIVE.
Very well done.
Now we just need the rest of the FFX models to go with the map.

Your Anti Aliasing looks bad for the image, but otherwise looks great. How well is the anti grav in the sphere?

There is none for players. You swim in it like you would normal water. However, there is an antigrav volume in the bottom half of the sphere for physics objects, allowing them to rise to the middle of the sphere. Also, the white markers in the arena can be stood on by the player.

Man, this shit looks amazing.

This map made me jizz. Everywhere.

Thank you for making such a beautiful map. :buddy:

Alright, so first on the checklist for version 2 is bathrooms. And hand sanitizer.

such awesomeness :smiley:

Can’t wait to play this.

I love you man.


Plus, if you can, try and make the surroundings as well, like the the shops that were around it in FFX.

Just an idea.



Not a question, just an idea.

You know what guys, I just now discovered Propper. I was bitching about not being able to make custom models with the stupid stupid softimage XSI exporter, but now there’s a better way, finally. Custom textures might be involved as well…

Anyway, yes, there will definitely be a version 2. My brother has a game save at Luca, just because he used to play blitzball so much.

Alright, time for some epic games of Drownball.

If anyone’s unfamiliar with what this map’s trying to recreate, here it is:

You should try making a night version with flashing neon lights everywhere, that would make it even more awesome.

EDIT: Another suggestion, you should try making a TF2-y version of this, it would probably make for a rather interesting version of King of the Hill or something.

I loved this map, I wasn’t sure if what the thing in the middle was than I realized you can swim through it, nice work

I’m having a few problems with your map, missing textures and at least one missing model. :frowning:
Do I need anything else other than GmoD?

Screenshots of my problem…

Oh boy. Forgot to mention, this map requires Episode 2, since it uses some of those textures. It also looks like you’ve reverted to DX7 or DX8 water, which means you can’t use the refract shader… I guess I have to make a semi-transparent fallback texture.

  1. Shell out money for EP2, you cheap bastard.
  2. Wait for me to create a DX7 version of the clear water texture in version 2
  3. ???
  4. Profit.

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