gm_blitzball_v2 (WIP)

I’ve been a busy guy tonight…

Propper and the hacked visleaf bsp executables are the shit.

Here’s v1 if you’re interested:

Finding out that gm_blitzball got into the news last month psyched me up for version 2. I took a look at one of the FFX walkthrough videos (lost my save files ;_:wink: and found out that I was COMPLETELY MISSING THE COOLEST PARTS OF LUCA STADIUM.

Things planned for version 2:

  • Docks
  • Luca city as the skybox
  • Lots more detail, liberal use of propper models and custom textures
  • Front entrance & box office
  • Underwater hallways / team locker rooms

Crits/suggestions welcome. Much, much more to come.

Looks nice

You need new textures.

Texture alignment seems to be a large issue for you, I do not like some of the architecture in the first image, but I do like it in the second. Sort out the textures, maybe get some new and / or custom ones and it would look great.

Nice work so far, grats.

Brush work is brilliant, textures are hideous.

Err… what about the architecture? Are you talking about the lamp model or the railings in front of the stands?

And oh yeah, the textures on some of these are god awful. I’ll be making some of my own after I flesh out the brushwork.


New textures (the white concrete is borrowed from the episodic 2007 content though):

Dock layout:

Dock canopy closeup:
New outdoor details:
Re-textured magnet arc and torch:

The problem with models: lighting is determined by the model’s origin or info_light, so if it’s in partial shadow the suspension of disbelief is lost.
New front entrance and box office

Another detail model

Now… how do I make underwater windows? Isn’t there a visibility problem between the underwater visleaf and the indoor visleaf?

EDIT: It’s okay to bump like this, right? Since it’s new content and all…

Underwater windows , I can’t remember what some guy did but he used a glass texture with a water refraction.

However , since you’ve got real water and not just a texture trick , I’m not sure

Also, this map is so amazing that I can’t even explain how awesome it looks.

Holy shit, that looks pretty awesome.

The new textures look beautiful IMO.

Ok community, I need some advice. I’ve got a whole bunch of room inside the stadium, between the outer wall and the inner wall, that I have no idea what to do with. I’m assuming I should put shops and stuff in there, but it’s huge and tall. Multi-floor? or more decorative stuff?

I don’t think you actually go into these areas in FFX, just the underwater hallway and team rooms. Everything else is either around the perimeter or in the stadium proper.

tl;dr: what should I do with all this freaking space?

Large video screen room surrounding it, like a lounge?

It also needs a button that plays the song Otherworld when pressed.

Bet you haven’t heard this version:

Does blitzball have a locker room of any kind? I can’t remember if you ever saw anything like that in FF but that may be a nice addition. And then a way to get from there to the playing area.

I’m building all that as we speak. In FFX, they only show some of how that’s all built:

The two side entrances have stairs leading down to the underwater hallways, pictured here.

  • Red is the path you can walk, red tick marks denote stairs.
  • green I’s are doors
  • the blue things are the underwater windows.
  • and the red rectangles are the locker rooms.

Haven’t yet worked out how I’m going to get those red arrows into the stadium, since they don’t really show where they go, but maybe the bowl could have doors?

Reference images from the playthrough video:


If you can’t access those areas in FFX, I don’t see why you should in this map. Just leave them as solid brushes IMHO.