gm_boreas beta release

Remember that bunker competition that started (and died) like 2.5 years ago? My entry is almost finished :v:


The map features a sprawling underground base and a large snowy exterior with some additional buildings. It is mainly intended for exploration and eye candy, though there are some interactive elements as well. Please take a look and let me know if you find any issues or have any other feedback :smile:

Download here:
Just extract the BSP into GMod’s maps directory and you’re all set. However, for now, you need to make sure that you have HL2, Episode One and Episode Two installed and mounted. Also note that the trees currently lack collisions and have some wonky placement (see the list below).

To do:

  • Fix some floating snowy geometry above the stairs next to the cargo entrance
    [del]- Fix stray vent decals on the ground next to rocket silos[/del]
    [del]- Set up fade distances on props and other entities; maybe additional areaportals[/del]
  • Tweak lightmap scales
  • Redo tree model/texture and placement; add collisions
    [del]- Prevent physgun usage on various dynamic entities (doors etc.)[/del]
  • Embed content from HL2 episodes
  • Add proper cubemaps
  • Add soundscapes
    [del]- Add 3D skybox[/del]
    [del]- Add watchtower next to airstrip (already blocked out)[/del]
    [del]- Add building inside ravine (already blocked out; security checkpoint)[/del]
    [del]- Add building next to ravine (already blocked out; radio outpost maybe?)[/del]
    [del]- Add warning/welcome signs at radar station and base entrances[/del]
  • Add the ability to use the teleport
  • Add the ability to perform a rocket engine ignition test and burn everything in the exhaust tunnel to shit
    [del]- Reduce brightness of radome material[/del]
    [del]- Reduce brightness of light sprites in mountain tunnel[/del]
    [del]- Make mountain tunnel extend into 3D skybox[/del]

(Crossed off items are not yet included in the downloadable beta)

There is a ton of cool stuff in this map, but that Ping pong table really does it for me!

holy shit

Looks great! The images do no justice of just how gigantic the scale is. A few things: the glass here is a func_brush for seemingly no reason, and thus allows the player to “run through” it on their client.[/t]

Also, is it normal for func_doors to be used as levers? :v:


Could these lights be made to turn on and off?


Also on those lights, I think func_illusionary was deprecated for func_brush a while ago, but it may have just been a random obsolete note in the 2007 SDK.

I must know how you achieved this effect (ignore my missing ep2 bumpmap):

Looks absolutely amazing.


If I recall correctly, I ran into some transparency sorting issues if I didn’t tie that glass to entities. Mainly in the server room to the right, as the props there have some translucent cables. I’ll see if I can work around it. What do you mean by running through, though? Like a network prediction error?

Ha, good catch. Not sure why I did that. Guess I can achieve the same with a func_button.

Sure, I can probably do that. I’d have to make sure that you can only toggle them all at once, though, since Source doesn’t like overlapping lights with different names.

It’s true that the entity is obsolete, but it should be fine as I don’t really see it getting removed in this iteration of Source. I prefer using it over a non-solid func_brush, as it does a better job at communicating its purpose.

Thanks for the feedback :smile:

In the cave with the giant sphere you should angle nearby stalactites to point towards it, if you want it to look like it’s been there for a long time

Ohh that’s clever, I like that :smile: Will give it a try.

Stalactites don’t angle. Tiny stalactites do, but very rarely. Wind is the most agreed upon explanation for that effect, but not entirely confirmed. The only -ite that grows oddly (e.g. not necessarily up or down) are helictites, which are generally small.

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I have no idea what the sphere is, and angling them might be a first step towards mistifying it (even more?).

Haven’t downloaded the map, but the pics look great and I really like what you made. Fantastic job :slight_smile:

Once you play the map and see the sphere it will make sense

Rally time

…actually, they can.

also, I stumbled upon this website recently, I love it because it looks like it’s from 1998

Did some rallying.

Only a few errors; The Ball has some missing textures, and some funky trees:[/t]

My only suggestions so far is that the map needs ambient cave & woosh sounds/soundscape and beep boops from scientific machines

I had no missing textures on the ball – do you have EP1 and 2?

Yeah. Other people on the server were missing the textures as well I think.

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Impressive work, as always!!

All I can say is :wow:
You really outdid yourself, parts of it remind me of Alien: Isolation.

vvis.exe must have had a field day with this.
Those roads man, they must have cost a kidney or something, its flabbergasting how good you are with displacements.
And egad! The lighting is incredibly effective! You put a light on every screen on the map, even on the baby ones, subtle but imversive.
I loved the strider artifact encased in the ice block, the live displays for where the elevators are baffle me, and the sphere frightens me (does it have flesh footsteps for a reason? eek!).
I also appreciated many other tasteful additions! Thank you for staying with Garry’s Mod for your mapping escapades, we really need someone like you to bring inspiration to the community!

Also I got a bug to report, In the room that looks like this:[/T]
there is something in the connecting vents that looks like the skybox is leaking in some how (yes i know its not a PROPPER leak).

I can’t wait for that 3d skybox!

Whoops, that’s a custom texture I forgot to embed. Noted! And yeah, I made some changes to the terrain after I created the tree props, so their placement is incorrect in certain areas. Should all be fixed when I redo them.

Agreed, I think soundscapes are very important so it was already on the to do list. Also, thanks for posting the video. I enjoyed watching that :smile:

VVIS actually finishes in less than half a minute, as I’m using a lot of visclusters outside. I haven’t mustered up the courage and patience to do a full compile without those yet.

They do take quite a bit of effort :smile: The technique I’m using now involves importing, modifying and exporting the terrain with 3ds Max (props to Shawn Olson for his Wall Worm scripts), as well as creating a cutout model that essentially acts as a massive decal/overlay. It’s a real pain in the ass (especially considering I have to do it whenever I change the terrain) but I feel that the result looks more organic and is more fun to drive on than what I did in gm_fork.

That’s very nice to hear, thank you. The sphere is actually also supposed to emit an ominous humming sound, but I forgot to pack its soundscript. So you have that to look forward to, haha.

Good catch!

really top tier displacement work as always. map looks fantastic and I can’t wait to give it a run-through when i have some free time