[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_botmap_v3

[tab]Version:[/tab] 3

[tab]Description:[/tab] Version 3 of gm_botmap is out! I decided to totally re-do the whole map and start off from scratch.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] HL2 Ep1 Ep2

[tab]Download:[/tab] Mirror[/release]

Version 3 of gm_botmap is out! I decided to totally re-do the whole map and start off from scratch. I’ve decided to go with the scenic approach which will give you something to look at while building.


Using download.

  1. Move the files into the garrysmod/garrysmod folder.


  • Scenic building environment.
  • Underground building areas, free from lag.
  • River system, including rapids leading to a waterfall.
  • Race track, the full top area of the map is dedicated to vehicles.
  • Train track system.
  • Colour coded intersections, each intersection, track point and station has it’s own unique RGB value, so fully automated trains can be built to guide themselves around the map.
  • Bot testing areas/track.
  • Plane build area, with extendible runway!
  • Rocket build area, with control room.
  • Massive skybox, the skybox is as tall as the map is long.
  • Ambient sounds, indoor areas and objects have sounds.
  • Bridges and tunnels.
  • Flat build areas.
  • Train build


I used the Catmull-Rom Spline Cameras



  • It doesn’t look like botmap, so I don’t think it’s botmap anymore.
    Botmap is nothing to do with the looks, but the features. I’ve improved areas which have been used and deleted areas which I didn’t see get used.

  • Things are purple and black.
    You need Ep2 to play it, if you have Ep2 and still have a few problems make sure you have it mounted. The map may also rely on HL2 and Ep1.

  • I don’t see the watefall.
    Make sure the particles folder is in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/gm_botmap_v3/ and also inside garrysmod/garrysmod. If it’s not in one of those folders then move it over into that folder. If the particle folder is in those folders then try respawning, if that still doesn’t work restart GMod.

  • My train jumps over intersections.
    I can’t really do anything about that. It’s a source problem as moving track (doors) have a weight, when you send an object over it, it weighs the track down making it sink below world, this causes the train to catch on world when you leave the moving track. I attach a down thruster which pushes the train onto the track to stop it from flying off when it hits these areas.

  • Can I save sliders now?
    Yep, the slider is now a model thanks to Dotmister, so you can save it and texture it.

  • I’m lost!
    There’s a map model in the Q menu.

  • Why no 3D skybox?
    The 3D skybox ended up massive, and was terrible to incorporate into something this large. It’s also easier to see the map boundaries without one.


  • Changing the track
    Near each intersection there’s a series of signals, if you look in between the track near those signals you should see a X in the middle, if you press this it will toggle the track positions.

  • Using the colour system
    You’ll need wiremod knowledge for this.
    Set a ranger to detect colours and attach it to the front of your train. Use this documentation and look at this image:
    I know it looks complex, but once you understand it it’s very clear. Look at the documentation along with this image and you’ll see.

  • Opening the rocket build doors
    Go to the top level in the build area, find the control room and press the button on the wall in there.

Thanks to
Most of these names can be found in the map, but here we go:

Sleepy, Dotmister, Alfie, PX1K, Red_Snappa, Nadanova, raBBish, XI, Lego399, Ben, Christoffer395, Mad Mike, Shaun, Paper-Burn, Neko_Baron, Chaotic Cow, Jake_1305, all the members on the XURAS forums for help and suggestions.

:wooow: Look’s AWESOME I can’t wait to try it out! I love your map’s. So here is a Mapping King! :slight_smile:

Also is that a dynamic water fall or is it just for look’s?

It’s a modified particle effect, depends what you mean by dynamic.

If I stuck a prop in it would it act like nothing is there or would it move around from it.

:hellnaw: My internet is going so slow right now there is an estimated time of 1 hour left to download :sigh:

Phew it was just :dance:

Well, particles don’t interact with props. Only with the world. I suppose if it were a brush object, but that’s unlikely.

This looks like the best map i’ve seen in along time!

The server won’t work at the moment, It’s just spazzed out on me so I’m having to reinstall…


Anyway, Nice work with the map things, You know what I think of it :slight_smile:

also, My name is in the map!! :dance:

Shame that no servers’ll have it up 'cause it was released like 15 minutes ago.


Wow that was quick, nice going Glutt, I also play on your server all the time! :smiley:

While glutt is reinstalling, You can go on the Xuras server.

It’s running it now.

Woot. My name is above the waterfall on the bridge. :smiley:

I couldn’t find your one on the map ben lol

Map is awesome but I don’t think people with lower grade computer’s can run this very well. I’m getting average of about 30 FPS with 2 8800GT’s but that’s with EVERYTHING turned up so it might be different for lower setting’s.

Iput it in garrysmod/garrysmod, but it won’t show up. any pointers?

Make sure that inside addons there’s a folder named gm_botmap_v3. If there’s not you’ve done something wrong when copying it all in.

According to things, It’s in a corner on a bridges pillar.

I got demoted lol

My server is also running the map. If thingshappen want’s me to take it down just ask.

It’s there, but will not show up, I extracted the folder, to addons for good measure. still won’t show up.

Try using the SVN, and checking it out to a folder named gm_botmap_v3 in addons.

do I download all the SVN into the gm folder?

Download all the SVN into a folder in addons named gm_botmap_v3. Tortoise SVN is a good SVN client if you don’t have one.

got it, and thanks for all the help