My first map - full description on the download page.
Suggestions welcome but please try to keep it constructive.

download link:
Youtube coming soon

Blocky, fullbright, the wall of brick hurts my eyes… At least you used more than one texture, although I’m still wondering what’s going on with the stairs dev texture repeating all over the stairs…

I could see some potential in the idea, but right now it’s just a bad first map.

Glad to have a response so fast, but did you actually test the map? (the sooner I finish the Youtube the better)

No I didn’t, but I think I’ve seen all that I need to. I’ll download it just for the hell of it, because I know these things look better in game. That doesn’t mean I’m going to change my initial opinion on it, though.

EDIT: No, this is a bad map. Why are those weapons at the spawn, anyways? And why is the staircase cut in half by a random block?

It’s generally a good rule of thumb not to release your first map. Try reading up on some tutorials. is a good site.

And to prove that I actually looked at this map…

The map in its entirety.

Ok - I redid it a few times but it’s still the original save which may mean a reupload if some kind of bug pops up


the weapons are one of the things I put in to make it slightly more interesting than flatgrass, the stairs being cut of is pretty much a result of the idea of a slightly more interesting spawn and if you go all the way to the edge of the map there is a little hole to hide in (my clan server has had many attacks by people who think it’s CS:S)

Now, I’m not saying I’m a great mapper–Because I sure as hell know I’m not-- But, seriously? No offense. but a flatgrass map…made of bricks? Not only is flatgrass boring, old and ugly, you have to make it worse? I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I’m just putting in my two cents. And the Dev textured stairs just don’t work. I’ll download it so I can get a more detailed opinion then from a few screenshots, but pretty much what Morcam is how I feel.

I learned from some videos on Youtube and a map maker who helped me and also would brickbuild be better for a kind of war map?

Ok, first thing you need to do, is not release your first map, unless its pretty nice(Compared to other nice maps).

Another thing is, never make Flatgrass maps, they are boring and we have at least 1000 of them; try to use sexy textures, the ones that you use are boring, low-res and repetitive; also, put some displacements and props on your map, and never I mean NEVER make it fullbright.


I fucking love it. Keep making these please.

Guys…stop feeding what is probably a troll.

lol must be a pretty smart troll to make a Wiremod Plane and a map at the same time, also I don’t know very much about fullbright and was never aware it was in my map. (It might have some dynamic light but that was, once again, to make a more interesting flatgrass


I think I should get slightly more credit than the guy who just applied a brick texture to flatgrass, I did my map from scratch

It still probably took just as little time.

NEVER release yar first map

How hard is it for folks to not release your first map? Obviously if you compare it to other maps here it looks nothing even close to quality. DO NOT RELEASE YOUR FIRST MAP

My eyes hurt from the map itself.

Improve on your mapping son.

Repeating textures.

Because, as we know, someone who puts together a fullbright map made of possibly 8 brushes automatically counts as smart.

sorry about the fullbright, I was planning on an almost instant patch but now I don’t see what it’s worth for

Was it 3kliksphillip on Youtube perchance?