Gm_Brownout (Revision 2)

Well, I worked on my map a lot more. Here’s what changed:
-Edited & added onto base.
—Better lighting.
—Roof access: Helicopter landing pad, AC units, antennae, and a small building (containing the access ladder).
—Added a sort of catwalk in the vehicle area, and added skylights.
—Added a few decals.
—Detailed sand displacements around base. (caused a few shadow problems)
-Added skybox.
-Deleted the bunker. (I may add a better one in a later version)

Here are some known problems:
-Displacement shadows are messed up a bit near the base.
-Skybox texture has a sun, and there’s the sun I added also.

Here is what I wish to add in later versions:
-Bigger desert area.
-Possibly re-add the bunker.
-Better skybox and skybox texture.

Outside look of the base.

Inside the base, near the sort of pillbox.

Inside the base, in the vehicle room, showing the skylights.

Roof of base, showing helipad, ac units, and the small roof access building.

Inside the base, in the vehicle room.

A view of the desert & a distant factory.

Video possibly coming soon…


Maybe its just the angles your shots are taken, but your map looks a little blocky.

It’s nice, but you should tweak the fog so it matches with the sky.

I tried smoothing the edge, didn’t work out well. And I don’t want to add too much geometry on the walls to make it look less blocky, or else it would be less of a base. Unless there’s other ways…

Well, that would mean I would have to use a white’ish color, and its really supposed to be dust. I’ve also tried making the skybox the color of the sky, but it turned out pretty bad.