(I know this map is small, no lighting and stuff like that)

This is my first map!


Description: It has got a water and a buidl place

Made by 0r4ng3

Stay tuned for v3 (its gonna be better)

Add lighting, it’s not a rocket science, you just add an entity light_environment. Then you can work on less blockiness, and actually making your map interesting.

Hmm. Perhaps add lighting, but as you said, you didn’t add it. In all honesty, I think this is better than most first maps because you got more brushwork in than some do. As for maps, I believe mapping for Roleplay or Zombie Survival is best because they make you focus on detail, all the little things.

Version3 is gonna have more features and more lighting because i hear “lighting” every time.

First from Sakarias88, then from comments and now here.

Well, I respect the fact you’re willing to learn, but lighting is a must. If I were you, I’d go to websites such as or and find some tutorials about lighting and start from there.

Adding the lights right now. Tomorow or next week i will release Version 3

UPDATE: (Not out yet)

Try increasing the brightness, and get a different skybox.

When i was making Configuration it was in hurry so i didn’t manage to do i just picked one

Pick different skybox, different textures, smooth it, and you’re on your way.

Map will be not out yet in 14 days.