Hey guy’s,
I’ve been working on gm_buildworld for about a month now,
little bit’s at a time, working out the bugs as i go along.
But i need some feedback and some ideas.
I need some important ideas for the top flat area of the map, to help build and other stuff.

Information About The Map:

Well, i had an idea to make a sort of, Build/Rp map.
Me and my bud like building, with alittle bit of Rp’ing from time to time,
so i made a map to do just that.
It’s no were near finished, it needs alot of work.

I Based this map on the first level of half life 2, because i just love it.

Heres a confession. For the main lobby, were the stall is, i ONLY copied the shell of the lobby, Nothing ELSE. I had to fix ALOT of it up, due to valve being so messy when mapping.

The stall i copied but it was not hollow, it was just a box, so i hollowed that out which took a while.

and the shutters you see when coming into the lobby, i hollowed them out to become an admin HQ with one way glass.

And a coffee shop.

All the Detail on the floor and the wall i placed by myself, i didnt copy these. but i did snatch the tables. :stuck_out_tongue:

So Please be gentle and give feedback were ever you can, and Ideas I NEED IDEAS. Thank You.

Enjoy the Video and Pictures.
Oh and ignore the Super DOF Box :stuck_out_tongue:

Off road area.

Little weird.

Maybe some people will say you did nothing, just copied the hl2 vmfs, but I like it… some things just don’t fit very well together like the houses u have in the outside with that hole on them leading to a base?
but, I like the way you expanded the “d1_trainstation_01” zone.
You should add some more detail to it and expand it even more.

Yep more detail :), i’ve still got alot planned for the map :slight_smile:

Don’t use DOF when taking screenshots, we want to see the map the way it really is.

I agree with Jukka, the DoF makes it look like you are trying to hide the map behind a filter.

I love DOF but, il go take some more pics.

I personally think it’s just an overused filter. And in the mapping section, we want to see maps, just as you would see it if you were to download and play it.

I know what you mean, i’m just uploading some more at the moment, 5 minutes and then the pictures will be ready.

Is that a train station?
Add a subway D:!

Well, the BIG empty shell of the station is going to be were the trains come in, so it would kinda be like a subway :stuck_out_tongue: and i could get the trains to come up to the surface and go round and such. :slight_smile: thanks dude.