gm_bunker (generic working title) work in progress [Video]

Here is a link to a photo album with all of the images if you prefer that instead:
This is a video of the latest build of my main mapping project, “gm_bunker” The map will be a mix of a
large underground complex and a vast post-apocalyptic/wasteland surface. I have put more work into this map than any other i have made, and it’s not even done! The video shows off some of the most interesting locations in the map.
By the end of this project the base will be much larger, including living quarters, communications rooms and several other things that would be included in an underground base.
On the surface I’m working on adding a combine occupied town to mix up any RP game modes, (there could be a group of people living in the base, and on the surface.)
I’m hoping to get the map working for Dark RP, sandbox, and trouble in terrorist town.
a 3D skybox will also be added and the map will be optimized.
There are a lot of other features that will be revealed when the map is complete, the purpose of making this video was to let people know that the map itself was in development!
I apologize if there are any problems with the video, including spelling, as windows live movie maker sucks, hard. (in my opinion.)
Please let me know what you think, (as long as it is useful to me in some way. example: “this room shown at this time ******* is under detailed and could use some of this *******” instead of, “this map is smelly”) and feel free subscribe to you youtube account if you want to see more, or whatever.

It’d be easier if you gave us pictures to critique rather than a video.

From the video, it seems you have a lot of misaligned textures, which make themselves obvious on the ceiling.
You’re lighting could use work.
It looks like you’ve put work into that, but it needs more style.

I will definitely look into the texture alignment and lighting, but I’m a little unsure about what you mean by style, The deeper you go into the bunker the newer and more technologically advanced it becomes, I wanted to move away from the completely grimy old 60’s bunkers everybody loves to put fallout music to.

Fallout is 40’s technology, not 60’s.

The lighting needs a lot of work. The light should be tinted at least a very light yellow on florescent lights. Also, due to the nature of those lights, you wouldn’t get such a narrow cone coming off it. You would do better to ditch the point_spotlight on strip lights.

No trains?

Not a very nice map :slight_smile: