This is my map that ive created in some time its a bunker with a base around it with a wall to make people stay out it has a gate and a flatgrass area

please give me freedback on what i can add/change

Can be found here or in the toybox

Well at least you gave a good part of the OP a try.

If anything you should make this a much more building-filled map and keep the…base in the map. Think Mobenix style.

Those walls are very thin.

Needs more content. Why just have the one bunker? Why not make something special?

Looks alright for a first time release, better than most maps we get around here.

as said try increasing the thickness of the walls surrounding the area, also instead of a sharp 90 degree turn at the road corner, make it a smooth curve, there is a tutorial over at for this:

That teaches you how to apply textures to a curved surface.

Also consider adding in other features, such as rollings hills, forest areas, underground cave complexes, a subway system for black-ice, also instead of just a wall around the outside of the map, consider a 3D skybox to make it look like the map goes on forever. Once again there’s a tutorial for a 3D skybox on interlopers:

Also, if you want to learn about more advanced map elements consider reading and watching tutorials.

A few facepunch users such as myself have their own YouTube channels with tutorials on them:

There are a few other channels which I cannot remember, also I advise you not to watch a certain users tutorials, he goes by the alias of 3KliksPhillip.

Hope I helped.

Ooo…it’s me!

Lord ned has one too i think:

That has to be like my first post ever where I haven’t shouted at a new release…

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Thanks for the ideas but i got problems getting css and gmod models together so i can add some trees from gmod, i currently only edit in css engine, if you could point me in a direction on how i can do that i would love to add a forest

When you download the models for your Garrys Mod game, whether they be trees or whatever instead of placing them inside your addons folder, browse into the folder which you downloaded, you should then see a models and materials folder (Usually) copy these two folders into the counter strike source game directory, it will ask you if you want to overwrite the folders, just say Yes.

Is it not possible to load all css and gmod models in one valve hammer, so i wont need to import models everytime i need some ?

I don’t believe so as an FGD file doesn’t set the models directory IIRC, just extract them, it takes like 10 seconds to copy over.

Okey thanks for your quick awnsers :slight_smile: i will put some pictures up later on what ive made

FGD only contains entity data i believe.