This is a map with 2 bunkers, combine and rebel styled.
I am having problems uploading to (thanks to everyone who decided not to help me) so here is a GameBanana link instead:

**I will get it on once someone decides to help me!

This map comes with:

  • 2 bunkers
  • 2 spawns
  • WWII styled rebar hedgehogs and rubble concrete
  • Ambience and soundscapes
  • A toxic puddle (and yes, it hurts you)
  • Some cubemaps

**Garry’s Mod
Half-Life 2 (Presumably the soundscapes)

I know it’s not perfect, but, meh… That’s what you get for trying to make a map in under 2 hours.

**Some tasty screenshots:



The file needs to be in a zip file. Not in a rar, but a compressed zip.

  1. Time spent. A map is not release worthy if you have spent less than a week on a small basic map.
  2. Screenshots. Screenshots should ideally only show supplied content. The thread should tell us why this map was made and why we should download it.

All i see is two bunkers, both the same in structure (they are cloned buildings) but different textures, with a smattering of themed props around them, and between them a wasteland. The map is not large enough for complex constructions, there is no win scenario. All i see is two bunkers built in small fire range of each other, something that isn’t possible.

The textures on the human bunker are misaligned, and haven’t been selected with care. The props around them are from a residential block, and don’t fit the scene. On the other side is a combine apc, with no road that it could have come in by, and barricades, again, with little purpose. Other props, such as the wall light, have been improperly placed, combine have their own lights, and their own form of architecture.

Maps floating in mid air were fine a few years ago, but people like to see some kind of skybox, or some reason why a player can’t move out of the playable space.

EDIT: Decals have been used with no thought to theme or placement. What is a 30 speed limit sign doing inside a bunker.

It is a ZIP file, that’s the problem.

Well…i doubt you are going to get much clamouring for the map.

I’m making a better version. Bigger, and will take longer than 2 hours.

Make something new, something no one has done with a map

Proper maps often takes more than month.

Hell, in UDK I spend more than two hours compulsively saving to make sure I don’t lose anything when it inevitably crashes.

All this talk of time spent is silly. Go check out Agent_Cobra’s maps. I know him IRL and they dont take him long but they are beautiful. Its tallent, not time. Never release your first map. Spend time deconstructing maps. Watch hammer mod tutorials. Dont post UNTIL IT IS FINISHED (which is different than after a week, no less).

A map is like a story. You come up with a problem your map intends to solve. You construct the map and test as you go ensuring it solves the problem. After you think you are done, you compile the completed map, and farm it out to friends and a few well chosen enemies. Listen to what they say. Also play it yourself. Does it solve the problem you set out to solve in the most elegent way? Does it cause more than it solves.

Only then do you release a version to the public. Tell them what your map is for. Show them pics either just of the map, or if it for RP then with carefully chosen npc/player interaction kept to a minimum that outlines the features of the map.

Now you seem to be trying to make a pvp battle map. I suggest for a start that this belongs, not to gmod, but to HL2:DM. Go look at the gmod map Aftermarth as that has a nice post apokoliptic nuclear bunker you could use for refrence. A square map is never any fun. Try and have several layers of defences and add some lua code so that you have a tug-o-war esk thing, ie you should try to capture sucessive lines of defence from the opposing team one at a time. And an underground. Put in timed things like chopper flybys that drop bombs, or shelling so you have to get indoors. You have a good start, but its not good enough yet. Take what we give you and work at it. Dont give up :slight_smile:

Time spent on detailing the map means you should end up with a better map at the end of it.