this is my new map gm_bunkerflatgrass
the map is mainly for npc lovers and building
(its like normal flatgrass but with bunkers)

map contains:
-strider nodes
-jump permission nodes
-2 helipads
-npc triggers for the big doors
-npc trigger for the silo doors (silo doors will open if an npc comes near the control panel)
-more bunkers
-npc clips (stairs)

download link:

please feel free to comment, and i would really like some more ideas or suggestions

by me Colonel S.Aausage
thanks to: Mayor P. Ness for testing

Very horrible. We don’t need anymore build maps.

Not gonna lie, it is a bit different from other remakes, but still a remake we don’t need nonetheless.

Not too bad. Keep working on it and it may just get better if you keep working on it.

so, i should change it to an rp map or something and add buildings and stuff?

Should read some tutorials and start from scratch.

Turn it into a battlefield with muddy terrain but keep the bunkers

Turn one quarter into a bunker compound, the rest is whatever it could be.

the map is actually quite good but any kind of flatgrass or construct maps aren’t met with the warmest reception here so if I were you, i’d refrain from making them. but what you’ve currently got right now could be turned into a really good RP map or zombie survival map.

I actually like it! Nice job. It wouldn’t hurt to add stuff in the distance, maybe even make a skybox to extend the horizon indefinitely.