gm_bunkerfuel WIP

**Systems preview video:

Underground, upper level entry corridor.

Surface with closed hatch, more models to be added.

Main corridor, upper level:

Some of the basic systems already present:

Better view of upper level entry corridor:

gm_bunkerfuel will be an interactive puzzle-like map in which you
must initialize the launch sequence of a rocket. The procedures to do
so will be rather sophisticated. A launch would consist of: starting generators
to feed the power for the whole bunker e.g lights and automatic doors.
As well as feeding the small compressors for basic hydraulic movements.
Feeding the beast with fuel, generate bleed air to combustion chamber, and
eventualy powering up the ignition keys to push THE BUTTON.

The current stage of the map: Alpha if not.
[ul]Surface (Initialy ready)[/ul]
[ul]Upper level (Working on it)[/ul]
[ul]Auxilary power unit main room + storage (very sketchy, but there)[/ul]**

Your advice is more than welcome :wink:

Looking great.

Thank you very much!
I’m gonna try finish the surface ASAP for some better pics

dude this looks like the last part in half life 2 episode 2 the ending


But i like it ,this idea :smiley: wow good work dude

This looks awesome!

Well it was a smart decission to theme the map in the same way as white forest.
Meaning: no new concept or style. It’s smart to do this since the props i’m working with, are the same as ep2. But believe me, it is much different. The inside will be a MAZE.

I also must add I am more interested to emphasize the logical structure the map will have.
There well be a great amount of buttons to press, and systems to work with, I can promise that.

Aww, now I feel robbed or something.
I’m working on a new bunker map, with a launchable rocket, and lots of bunkers.
Well, Both maps are based on the bunkers of white forest, so I cant blame anyone. Not that I need to.

Good to know you’re working on that as well!
Don’t feel robbed because the concept i’m working towards is very appart.
It’s gonna be some sort of puzzle. Don’t know what the players will think of it.

BTW, lol valve didn’t invent anything:

Your bloom is over kill.

Thought the second picture looked almost real, towards the front. :v:

What does this look like?

The colors look so good, i guess you are using a custom texture pack?

Nope, standard episode 2.

Also where did you get leaves from if there are nothing but “pine” trees around?

I’m gonna delete those indeed

Some pics added…
Btw, does somebody know how to use tracks in hammer?

Tone down the bloom, it’s way too exaggerated.
Also how did graffiti get in there?

well the doors are open in the first section of the compound mate

Looks amazing so far. I love missile silos, can’t wait to play this!

Usually operational / maintained rocket silos and/or bunkers aren’t full of graffiti, that’s more for an abandoned or mostly unused area.

At least that’s my opinion on it.