This is a map that i’m making. It’s good for those who like to make cars and race, battle or do anything with them. I’ll be adding alot to this map.I have version 1 and 2 version 1 sucks so don’t download it. version 2 is pretty decent. I will always keep this forum up to date with the versions of the map. The newest version of this map has:a garage, a drag race track, a death track, and 2 battle arenas. Ill have screenshots soon.(i’m getting them rite now)


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wow pretty good sounding great place being as there are not that many raceing maps

No. I don’t like it. You’ve posted only one picture. It’s dark in that one picture. The name is generic. And, honestly, I just don’t like it.

But then again, that’s just me. Give us a top-view of the whole map. I want to see if this map is really worth-while.

Those are my 2 cents until I get more looks.

he isn’t done with the map that is why there arn’t any good pictures


And yes there are TONS of racing maps.

well i haven’t seen that many

Stop talking while you’re just below ahead. Please.

there is a gamemode isn’t there?

Start using capital letters and I’ll tell you. :v:


hey i git banned for like 2 days because i put this in the wrong subsection. The new thread in the right subsection is here there’s screenshots and a better explanation of the map.

The map looks a little blocky.

and were are these tons of raceing maps cause i search for them and theres only 4 is that a ton?