Gm_CarBuildNTest (Working title)

Hey guys! This is my first released map (3rd Source map) The original title was the one you see in the title, but I am thinking of releasing it as gm_carstruct.

Map was requested from TMlord95.

I have tried to keep blockiness and fullbright-iness out of this map. At this time, the map is pretty large and is almost the size of flatgrass. For comparison, I have put an airboat in the water and a jalopy at the other side of the map.



Now with 100% more HDR and a customized env_sun

Older pics, now thumbnailed.


Now a view from the airboat:


This is the dock, where water vehicles can enter and exit:


Now let’s take a closer look at each of the buildings:


the one to the very left is a vehicle spawn. Although you can spawn your own vehicles, some servers will stop you from spawning a vehicle, so I decided to put some there:


The second one from the left is a build area. Really, it is just an empty building and people can build anywhere else.


The second from the right is the speed bump test. There are three different speed bumps, each one larger than the last. Good to see if your vehicle can handle bumps.


The final, very small building, has a passageway down to an underground test track.


Here is the test track:


and finally, to emphasize the largeness of this map, here is a view of the player’s size compared to the hills.


A few things I will be working on before release:

[li]making nodes (both ground and air)
[/li][li]adding a 3d skybox
[/li][li]touching up underwater terrain repetition from copy/paste

Enjoy! I will need to release this within a week because that is when school is starting and I will be busy for the first few weeks until I settle into my new school. (going to be a freshman in high school)

If people really like this map, I may continue to work on it and add some things you guys suggest. I am thinking of having an airplane for the parachute mod. And it will not be a brush based plane, I know how to use both max and maya efficiently.

C&C appreciated.


do not worry! I will remove the jalopies and make a non-ep2 version as well.

looks pretty good, maybe add some water and make the displacements more detailed.

But all around, looks good.:slight_smile:

there is water, look at first 3 pics…

Skybox! Skybox!!

whoops, sorry. :smiley:

is that a good thing, a bad thing, or do I need a 3d skybox (which I will add)

no problem. It’s about 2 in the morning where I live, so I would have probably made the same mistake.

Wow! This map looks great! I can’t wait to play this map with my friends and have car building contests! 9/10 :smiley:

Needs more night version.

Looks good! When can we expect a download of this?

by September 3rd at the latest. That is when school starts and I will have very little time to work on mapping, so I am finishing this map off and releasing it. (well, sept. 3rd or when the releases section comes back)

Thanks! It fixed every thing that was wrong with my concept drawing and made it better that I could have imagined!

You are welcome. I saw the concept and though that it was a great idea. I tried to incorporate what I could, but when some things weren’t working out, I just removed them or modified them to make them look more like a part of the map.

sorry on the delay though, having MAJOR issues with the 3d sybox and school has started, so this map will not be out for another short while… unless anyone here knows how to get underwater effects on a 3d skybox. I am also reworking the underground area right now because it is blocky, repetetive, and the textures tile like hell. It will be better though, minus the loop which I didn’t realize was giving me invalid structure errors. I should be getting done soon… just don’t know how soon.

I think you should add a speed track above ground(or somewhere) to test the speeds of your car(like a nascar style track)

Ok, I have a lot of other things on my plate right now, but after I finish my segment for the hallway of architecture and my hand model/animation, I will do the following:

rework the underground part to be rocky with dirt, add a few lights, and make a nascar type-track. (the current underground track is a pain in the ass with it’s solid structure errors (especially the loop))

Finish the 3d skybox, complete with small cities in the distance and a billboard giving me credit, as well as TMLord95 for the idea.

The only real problem is the 3d skybox water (or rather, the sand underneath it. The water fog doesn’t work. I am considering having a player clip around the edges (enough so that the water always fades to a solid color) then take the sand and turn it into that solid color, making it seem as though there is always fog in the 3d skybox.

Other than that, v1 should be out in a short while.

Glad you’re still working on it.

yeah, just wanted to make people know that it didn’t die, I’m just busy :smiley:

Not to bump a very old thread, but any progress? You said you had forgotten all about it in a pm earlier.

yeah, I’ve been working on it. I’ve also learned a lot more about optimization, so I can get it to compile faster and get higher framerates. I’m working on the 3d skybox and getting it to line up to a 16 grid. That and reworking the underground area to get rid of tiling textures. Noding can be done in a few minutes.

Awesome to see this started up again, the outside area looks wonderful. only complain i have is the lighting on the inside being quite dull. nice work.

yeah, I will try and see what I can do about the indoor lighting, thanks for the crit.