Here’s the release of gm_castlesiege, also known as gm_sieged_castle…


It features two versions, Night and day. You need episode two to play this map.

In this map you will easily be able to arrange a siege. There are climbable ladders, a catapult and a battering ram to help you crush the walls and smash the gates.


This map is made for sieging, if you want a medieval rp map, then i’m making this one for that purpose:


It looks very pretty, here, have some paint.

can you break down the walls?

yes, look at the picture. Not all of them though. I might make more of the castle breakable in a later version. But with less breakable walls comes higher performance…

WOOT! I loved the last version :slight_smile: This one is even better! thanks!

i love you! can’t wait for RP version mate!!!

i heart you.
Awesome map.
Someone put a server up with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, once again good mapping.

I don’t know. Maybe only have some of the walls breakable with anything, and make the rest of the walls scripted with siege machines or something. I have no idea if it’s possible, but I’ve seen it in CS:S zombie maps.



I like this map for posing. And uber fun time.

Nice one.

Did you get inspiration from Mount and Blade? Well anyway, this map is the fucking epic!

Wish it was possible to destroy more pieces, but absolute fun with Dismemberment Mod, the catapult, and a few Metrocops.

I’m not actually a bot. Anyway, i was referring to the ZE map Helm’s deep. At one point during the game, a torch shows up for the zombie to pick up and carry over to the wall. The wall has explosives on it, and the torch blows up the wall. And the torch is the only thing that can trigger the wall’s destruction. So, maybe have battering rams or a catapult to be used in a specific spot, and, when triggered, it destroys a specific section of wall.

I would, But im lazy.

i’m working on it. A lot more of the keep will be destructable, and stuff.

I will release v2 of the map very soon. It will feature both night and day versions just like before.

There will be more siege tools for the attackers and a a lot more of the castle will be destructable.

Can’t wait for more squishy Metrocop pieces spread out over the battlements of the castle!