Here’s my upcoming castle map. This map will be focused on a siegelike gameplay. Including ramming gates, ladders and war machinery like Catapults, battering rams… Haven’t added any of these yet though. And offcourse you will be able to break the walls!

I will release it in both Night and day versions…



Nice castle man! You should get rid of thie lights on the inside of the windows though, try spotlights pointing in from outside, dust motes or a volumetric model.


HOLY fuck

me, one of the best castle maps around i think.

message too short?

Could we get an RP version too with ownable doors? :wink:

Pretty, some of the lights could use a source though.

Awesomesauce. There’s a lot of good castle’s floating around right now. I’d better get my community fortress up to scratch :smiley:

I will add torches later when i get to more detailed stuff. (for the light sources)
And i will probably make an rp version for this to…

But i’ve got an upcoming medieval rp map here:

I think you should do 2 castles so 2 players can have bases but other than that it looks kwl cant w8 till it comes out!!!

Looks good for a WIP, you might wanna align your textures a little better.

Looking forward to see more. =)

The team that does not spawn in the castle will have a camp outside…
This is not a fortwars map, but a medieval sige map.

I am working on a same kind of map :smiley: But my castle is more like a fort. Ideas? make it breakable! What i did, is make the walls a func_breakable, and when it breaks, a point_template spawns a load of pieces of stone. These will be removed after a couple of seconds. Siege weapons? In the map i’m working on, i’ve got now: a catapult, battering ram, balista, large canon, small canon. When you press a button, all the parts of the selected weapon will be spawned, and it is up to you to constrain them together to make it functional. I hope you could use some of these idea’s.

By the way, your castle is awesome. Really nicely done. Is there a game mode coming along with it?

Thanks for all the ideas!

Well, i’m not going to make a gamemode myself (cause i can’t) But let’s hope someone does :slight_smile:

I’ve got a friend who can, but he is busy making another RP gamemode for another map i am making with 3 friends. I could ask him, but we need that project finished first :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, O grabbed an idea from your castle for mine., the looks of the walls on top of the towers and walls. Hope you don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Since it’s featured in plenty of medieval castles, and not so medieval follies, I don’t think he can claim the idea as his own.

No problem :slight_smile: I’m just glad it inspires you and that we’ll see more nice maps!

Damn nice work there, swerik. You nailed it with the textures!

It would be great to have a Seige RP.
Obviously you have one team seiging the castle, Throwing dead rotting animals over the side to infect the RP’ers inside.

Would be great fun, Looks awesome already.

Thats a great idea! and a tunnel where you have to dig to get into dungeons in castle or summing!

yeah that sounds nice!