Here’s the second version of gm_castlehill!


This version features a more destructible castle than before, a whole arsenal of medieval siege weapons and a gatehouse with three defense barriers.

The siege weapons available are:

Two roman style catapults
Two portable and climbable ladders
A battering ram

This version also includes the vmf file, in case anyone wants to make a better version.

Have fun.


This is awesome.

Interesting, got my download.

The map is great but,in fact there’s not a lot of things which are destroyable :confused:
Then it will be awesome if everything is destroyable like the dungeon & the other walls :slight_smile:

Read up on how breaking stuff works, then get back to us :slight_smile:

What game do I need for the water texture? It’s just white lines.

I guess that would be Ep2.

The reason you need episode two for this map is because it’s made in the Ep2 format.

And the reason i made this map in Ep2 format is because it features a lot more models and sky textures and all around looks better, and I wanted to try it out.


I did not make all the walls Destructible for performance reasons. And if you will play this map the way it’s meant to, (for sieging) then you won’t have time to smash every single rock of the castle even if it’s fun…

Question; is this another version of castlesiege?(NOT THE BETA)

Mah boy, a nuke will solve all of these problems while still sticking to the seige objective (somewhat)! :smiley:

But yeah, I really need to get the Orange Box - map looks awesome, but I don’t have Ep2. T_T

If you made the map require ep2, why not throw in a couple of ep2 trees?

Weird… I do have EP2 installed and all other textures seem to work fine.

Ahwell I’ll just change the texture in Hammer. Thanks for the vmf file!

I tried installing it, and no matter what directory i put it in, it didn’t show. Should it be overwriting the old version? That would make sense to me.

is the third version coming soon?

Well, you install the map by extravting the BSP file of the map to steam/steamapps/(NAME)/garrysmod/garrysmod/maps.

And it does not need overwrite the old version.

No. I have other maps that i need to finnish first.

Aaand now we know the location of gm_castlehill.

Hey guys, it’s so hard to put a bunch of brush entities with the same texture of the walls, as func_Breakables.

epic but i am missing the wall texture :frowning:

Best chivalry map ever !

starts rapidly clicking mouse and banging modem I NEED this!

nice :slight_smile: