** Description **

So, Basically a 512x512x512 map maded by me.
Was kinda bored that day so signed for that competition. But well failed so still will release it for players.

Basically it’s a cave.
Good for killing I guess and maybe something else like posing etc… Well think of ideas yourself.

** Requirements **

maybe ep2 (not sure though)

** Screenshots **

** Download **


** Contact **

Skype: ar4aaa
Steam: arleitiss

Blocky, and the lighting is a bit iffy. But I suppose it’d be good for… cave-y stuff? I don’t know.

Looks neat.
Quick question though.

What’s with that square hole looking area in this picture?

well, it’s a bit blocky, and the lighting is kinda uninteresting, but it’s not terrible.

I may just have to release my entry one of these days…


Where the fuck do you see it blocky?

calling a map blocky is not just about geometric shapes…

E: Well, its actually pretty good, just as someone before said, for “cavey stuff”

I like it, it looks really nice. Especially the lighting.

Good job.

Looks a bit small.

Ugh… Ironic ?

Very Small, although i still prefer it for posing. Can’t do much else though

Dude it was like 3 months ago + it was supposed to be small 512x512x512 challenge which I failed. But still tried. making it teached me some things which I use now.


Otherwise nice map, looks ok.

It’s a bit blocky. But it’s good i guess. Could need better lighting.

Good job, just improve the lighting a bit.