gm_caves (working title)

gm_caves is, well you guessed it, a cave system. This map was suppose to be in gm_apocalypse, but like all great things it had to be cut due to engine limitations. Since it’s finally a separate map I can put much more detail into it
And if you have a better name for the map please post

gm_caves contains:
-AI nodes for NPC lovers

So here’s the vmf

Media removed due to imageshack replacing the images with advertisements
Size of map:
Media removed due to imageshack replacing the images with advertisements

Sad that you had to cut it out. So are you going to make the caves larger than you intended then?

Wee-hee! Looks incredible, cant wait for the release.

Great idea man. I’m definitely anticipating this.

That looks amazing must look like a total mind fuck on hammer grid.

Goddamnit now I have to change my pants :argh:

I like it a lot, really. Wish I could map caves like that.

Very atmospheric. Once this is done, will gm_apocalypse be on the way?

This is as big as I can make them since it’s about to hit the displacement limit. And I don’t feel like redoing the whole map so I can add more

gm_apoc is first priority, so that will probably get done before this

But will gm_apoc still have a fragment of the caves like you said? Maybe the new area could be cordoned off by a landslide in gm_apoc.

Looks nice! Too bad this couldn’t be part of the whole thing.

Looking really good. Are those walls SSbumped (or whatever it was)?

Looking really nice there man.

Do what this guy said, it’s an excellent idea:

can you draw a quick overview of the whole thing in paint or something?

Knowing that texture I do believe so.

There’s not enough pictures to get the jist of the overview? You have to be joking…

No part of the caves, except for the building and interior of the building, will be in the map

No clue, it’s an HL2 texture… And from the looks of what firegod said; yes it is

The overview is in the OP, not made with ms paint

you guys should be very exited.

Great lighting, great map as always Hazrd.

You definitely need to make the floor in a lot of places more interesting and rough. Other than that, it looks great.